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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-3776 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #5441 from lioncash/android
MainAndroid: Resolve -Wmissing-variable-declarations warnings
* MainAndroid: Resolve -Wmissing-variable-declarations warnings
* Merge pull request #4424 from Helios747/remove_more_features
Remove D3D12
* Remove D3D12
* Merge pull request #5427 from lioncash/host
Host: Get rid of Host_SetStartupDebuggingParameters()
* Host: Get rid of Host_SetStartupDebuggingParameters()
This is something that should be the responsibility of the frontend
booting the game. Making this part of the host 'interface' inherently
requires frontends to leak internal details (much like the other
UI-related functions in the interface).
This also decouples more behavior from the debugger and the
initialization process in the wx frontend. This also eliminates several
usages of the parent menubar in the debugger code window.
* Merge pull request #5439 from SeannyM/crash-fix
Android: Initialize video backend setting on first run
* Android: Initialize video backend setting on first run

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-3776 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-3776 Android
Source: HereDolphin Git 5.0-2877

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