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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2017/06/13) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* ppcutils/va_list: Increment FPR counter
* cpu: Fix Pointer operator-
* coreinit: Remove duplicated definitions of fiber entry function types
* cmake: Fix find_package(OpenGL) to be in DECAF_GL, not DECAF_SDL.
* Pls mr appveyor
* tests: Add a simple gx2 triangle rendering test.
This isn't a proper test yet as it just runs forever.
We need to add some graphical test automation to get this running as a "test".
* ctest: Fix test working directory.
* cmake: Add shader assembly for gx2 hle tests.
* appveyor: Fix after_build script.
* latte-assembler: Set shader mode based off whether uniform blocks were read from.
* libgpu: Change SQ_CF_WORD0 to use BITFIELD for consistency.
* Pls mr appveyor
* appveyor: Add missing files to package.
* CMake: remove Mincore dependency
It doesn't seem to be used anywhere, as code compiles just fine without it. Decaf should now run on older versions of Windows.
* latte-assembler: Remove unnecessary static_assert.
We now use CHECK_SIZE for these structs.
* cmake: Fix latte-assembler grammar.h include.
* libgpu: Check sizes of latte instruction structs.
* cmake: Add *.inl to libgpu build.
* latte-assembler: Track inst src / dst usage to auto generate some registers.
* gx2: Clean up some missing indentation.
* Define DECAF_BUILD_TOOLS for appveyor & travis
* latte-assembler: Add support for TEX clauses.
* latte-assembler: Fix opcode lookups for aliased instructions.
These are only aliased to play nice with AMD GPU ShaderAnalyzer.
* latte-assembler: Fix issue with LiteralValue -0.0f.
* libgpu: Fix LOD_BIAS and OFFSET_{X,Y,Z} fields to use fixed point integers.
* latte-assembler: Clean up duplicated Gpr in grammar.
* latte-assembler: Clean up exceptions.
* libgpu: Add missing macro args for ALU_OP2
* cmake: Add DECAF_BUILD_TOOLS option which is off by default.
Makes building tools optional.
* tools: Add a latte assembler.
First pass, a good start but could do with some improvements!
* tests: Use wut add_rpx_lite for tests.
* libgpu: Add getInstructionByName for latte instructions.
* libgpu: Fix some output in latte disassembler to closer match AMD ShaderAnalyzer.
* libgpu: Change SQ_TEX_WORD2.OFFSET_{X,Y,Z} to be signed.
* libgfd: Always write a relocation block.
* libgfd: Add support for GFDBlockType GeometryShaderCopyProgram.
* libgfd: Fix file and block versions.
File is Major, Minor, GPU.
Block is Major, Minor.
* Add submodule libraries/cpp-peglib.
Used for latte-assembler.
Maybe one day we can figure out how to separate liblatte from decaf
and move the assembler to an external project. But for now let's just
shove the assembler in here.

Download: Decaf Git (2017/06/13)
Source: Here

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