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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-4598 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #5615 from spycrab/qt_graphics
Qt: Implement graphics window
* Make Visual Studio happy
* Qt/GraphicsSettings: Implement hacks tab
* Qt/GraphicsSettings: Implement software rendering tab
* Qt/GraphicsSettings: Implement general tab
* Qt/GraphicsSettings: Implement enhancements tab
* Qt/GraphicsSettings: Implement advanced tab
* Qt: Implement graphics window and controls
* Qt: Add Graphics option to tool bar
* UICommon: Move Wx Graphics Settings functions
* Merge pull request #5610 from leoetlino/online-wii-updates
Add ability to perform Wii online updates (without the system menu)
* IOS/ES: Don't open store in rw mode in WriteNewCertToStore
Causes different issues on different platforms.
r+b is broken on Windows for some reason.
a+b is broken on macOS.
* Qt: Add menu item to perform online update
* WX: Add menu item to perform online update
* WiiUtils: Add an online updater
While setting up a proper NAND for Wii emulation has become much easier
now that disc and online system updates work, they still require users
to have a recent disc game, certificates extracted from IOS or a NAND
dump for online updates to work and to really get all system titles.
This commit adds the ability to do an online update right from
Dolphin itself, which solves that usability issue.
* Move WiiUtils to Core
Allows reusing the WAD import logic more easily, whereas UICommon
code can only be used from UICommon and UI.
And managing what's on the NAND is the Core's responsability, not UI.
* Merge pull request #5672 from KAMiKAZOW/patch-2
GZLE01 & GZLP01 – Add Cheatcode to Remove Distance Blur
* GZLE01 & GZLP01 – Add Cheatcode to Remove Distance Blur
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/patch-2' into patch-2
Update GZLE01.ini
* Merge pull request #5707 from leoetlino/content-table
IOS/ES: Fix content table handling
* IOS/ES: Fix content table handling
This is larger than I thought I would be, but unfortunately it's quite
hard to split fixes like this when the handling is wrong in tons of
different places.
The content table is limited in size. It can only hold 16 entries.
Three consequences:
* Since the table cannot grow indefinitely, instead of using a std::map
we use a std::array as we should.
* Remove a hack where the CFD was cleared back to 0 on IPC close (wtf?)
* The CFD now doesn't keep increasing to infinity. It's unknown if this
would fix anything at all, but some issues in the past were caused
by CFDs being excessively large.
Other minor changes:
* Simplify save state logic.
* Keep track of the UID like ES does. Not sure how useful this is, but
we can do this very easily so why not.
* Remove the guesswork and use the actual error codes.
* Add more error checking to make Dolphin less likely to crash.
Something that should be done in the future: deduplicate the filesystem
logic. Something that takes one line in the actual ES code takes
10+ lines in our implementation... while duplicating the FS logic...
This will likely harder to fix though, so I'm leaving that
for another time.
* Merge pull request #5713 from Tilka/pool_edge
GameSettings: enforce real XFB for Pool Edge
* GameSettings: enforce real XFB for Pool Edge
* Fix GCC warnings
* Merge pull request #5670 from gamemasterplc/master
Improved gecko codehandler
* Add codehandler source code.
This file is MIT licensed due to Gecko OS being MIT licensed.
Add authors of original codehandler
Add MIT notice to codehandler
Update copyright year for codehandler
Add where original source came from
Codehandler Source Code Added.
* Improved Gecko Codehandler
Based off codehandleronly.bin. Improves support for codes with conditionals due to adding cache invalidation on stores. You also have support for mode code lines at once before Dolphin freezes at startup.
* Merge pull request #5715 from JosJuice/non-ascii-dofilesearch
Fix DoFileSearch for non-ASCII paths on Windows
* Fix DoFileSearch for non-ASCII extensions on Windows
We don't use non-ASCII extensions for anything right now,
but we might as well fix this.
* Fix DoFileSearch for non-ASCII paths on Windows
It didn't work when there were non-ASCII characters
in the directories argument, but it worked fine with
non-ASCII characters in names of found files and folders.
* Merge pull request #5712 from Armada651/fix-fbo-layers
FramebufferManager: Fix EFB layers being attached to the wrong FBO.
* FramebufferManager: Fix EFB layers being attached to the wrong FBO.
Fixes typo in commit 56fe938366950062984e11364af5ce1ffe474f27.
* Merge pull request #5706 from JosJuice/more-gamelist-speedup-followup
More follow-up for the gamelist speedup PR
* Fix references to CACHE_REVISION in DiscIO comments
The ISOFile.cpp one has been moved, and the GameFile.cpp one isn't
used for anything because DolphinQt2 doesn't support caching yet.
* FileSearch: Use strcasecmp in non-std code
Because why should only Windows get in on the FileSearch speedup fun?
(Not that this fixes the slowness of File::ScanDirectoryTree...)
* GameListItem: Rename m_banner to m_volume_banner
I want to clarify that it isn't used for PNG banners.
* GameListItem: Reduce levels of indentation
* GameListItem: Fix comment about PNG banners for volumes
f16599f quietly dropped the ability to set custom banners for volumes.
* GameListItem: Fix minor naming style violation
* GameListCtrl: Put CACHE_REVISION in .cpp file
Reduces the number of files that have to be recompiled
when changing the cache revision.
* Merge pull request #5710 from leoetlino/more-wiiroot-fixes
Remove unnecessary WiiRoot inits/shutdowns
* Remove unnecessary WiiRoot inits/shutdowns
* IOS: WiiRoot shutdown was moved to HW.
* Movie: Don't call UpdateWantDeterminism() if we're not running yet,
because this will automatically be done during the boot process.
Not doing this will result in two NANDs being created.
* Merge pull request #5705 from JosJuice/strerror-r-version
Try to make sure that we have the XSI version of strerror_r
* Try to make sure that we have the XSI version of strerror_r
* Merge pull request #5652 from spycrab/qt_audio
Qt/Settings: Implement Audio tab
* Qt/Settings: Implement audio pane
* Qt: Implement missing settings
* Merge pull request #5685 from spycrab/qt_dragndrop
Qt: Implement gamelist drag and drop
* Qt: Implement gamelist drag and drop
* Merge pull request #5708 from leoetlino/once
Initialise WiiRoot once per emulation session
* Initialise WiiRoot once per emulation session
This removes unnecessary initialisations which would cause issues in
determinism mode.
* Merge pull request #5607 from leoetlino/logging-fix
Logging fixes
* LogManager: Check if listener is valid before using it
* Logging: Remove duplicated code
* Logging: Move verbosity setting code to LogManager
No clue why it was in DolphinWX.
* Merge pull request #5631 from LAGonauta/openal-real-latency
Fixed latency setting and cleaned-up OpenAL backend
* Swapped C-style arrays to std::array
Also changed C-Style casts to static_cast
* Removed redundant conversion to float when playing back stereo.
* Swapped out the sound_sync_event.Wait() call by a simple std::sleep_for.
It seems to make no difference besides allowing lower latencies and more
stability on hardware OpenAL cards. Maybe the Wait() call waits for too
long, causing buffers underruns.
* Renamed some variables to the current coding standard and some to better
fit what they really are.
* Changed OpenAL latency setting to really reflect how much time it is.
Before these changes each value of latency were actually 5ms, with a
minimum latency of ~10 ms. If it was set to 4 ms on the UI, the actual
latency was 10 + 5 * 4 = 30 ms.
Now 30 ms on the UI means 30 ms on the backend.
* Merge pull request #5709 from spycrab/qt_sd_pausefix
Qt: Fix emulation not returning to its original state when aborting s…
* Qt: Fix emulation not returning to its original state when aborting shutdown

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-4598 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-4598 Android
Source: HereDolphin Git 5.0-2877

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