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EmuCR: higanhigan v103r02 is complied. higan (formerly bsnes) is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on 2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
- Famicom
- Super Famicom
- Game Boy
- Game Boy Color
- Game Boy Advance

higan also supports the following subsystems:
- Super Game Boy
- BS-X Satellaview
- Sufami Turbo

higan Changelog:
- fc/apu: improved phase duty cycle emulation (mode 3 is 25% phase
inverted; counter decrements)
- md/apu: power/reset do not cancel 68K bus requests
- md/apu: 68K is not granted bus access on Z80 power/reset
- md/controller: replaced System::Peripherals with ControllerPort
- md/controller: CTRL port is now read-write, maintains value across
controller changes (and soon, soft resets)
- md/psg: PSG sampling rate unintentionally modified¹
- processor/spc700: improve cycle timing of (indirect),y instructions
- processor/spc700: idle() cycles actually read from the program
counter; much like the 6502 [Overload]
- some of the idle() cycles should read from other addresses; this
still needs to be supported
- processor/spc700: various cleanups to instruction function naming
- processor/z80: prefix state (HL→IX,IY override) can now be
- icarus: fix install rule for certain platforms (it wasn't buggy on
FreeBSD, but was on Linux?)

¹: the clock speed of the PSG is oscillator/15. But I was setting the
sampling rate to oscillator/15/16, which was around 223KHz. I am not
sure whether the PSG should be outputting at 3MHz or 223KHz. Amazingly
... I don't really hear a difference either way `o_O` I didn't actually
mean to make this change; I just noticed it after comparing the diff
between r01 and r02. If this turns out to be wrong, set

stream = Emulator::audio.createStream(1, frequency() / 16.0);

in md/psg.cpp to revert this change.

Download: higan v103r02 x86
Download: higan v103r02 x64
Source: Here

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