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EmuCR: psxactpsxact Git (2017/06/06) is compiled. psxact is a Cycle accurate PS1 emulator written in C++.

psxact Git Changelog:
* Fixing a GTE bug, rearranging the COP0 support to match up with COP2.
* Initial broken port
* Adding likely/unlikely macros for branch weighting.
* Adding COP2 skeleton code.
* Changing a few function names to fix ambiguity errors in CLion.
* Getting an initial implementation of the CD-ROM drive.
* Switching IRC to freenode.
* Adding IRC build notifications.
* Moving a couple of branches out of the main loop.
* Moving build badges higher to satisfy nitpickers.
* Updating the README, adding a logo.
* Making state explicit in the system
* Renaming `cdrom_core` to `cdrom_drive`, and all of the `bus_read` and `bus_write` functions to `io_read` and `io_write` respectively.
* Adding IRC information to the README
* Reformatting the code to be consistent
* Using the FIFO inside the CDROM code to much success
* Adding a FIFO implementation since everything in the PSX uses them.
* Fixing the shebang in .travis.sh
* Merge pull request #18 from Thunder07/patch-1
Update .travis.sh
* Update .travis.sh
remove redundant line
* Renaming some functions so they make more sense.
* Merge pull request #17 from Thunder07/travis
Continous Integration Travis & AppVeyor
* Minor formatting fixes, and adding badges to README.md
* Add AppVeyorCI
* Add TravisCI
* Cleanup CMakeLists.txt
* Update and use FindSDL2.cmake
* Merge branch 'Thunder07-develop' into develop
* Update references to enum bus_width_t

Download: psxact Git (2017/06/06) x86
Download: psxact Git (2017/06/06) x64
Source: Here

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