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EmuCR: reicastReicast Git (2017/06/18) is compiled. reicast is a multi-platform Dreamcast emulator. The project is currently in Alpha, usability, performance and stability issues are to be expected. Cortex-A9 dualcore, 1ghz+ is the minimum hardware for decent speeds.

Reicast Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #808 from reicast/loungekatt
iOS rebuild to support file list and controllers
* Remove deprecated third-party configuration
* Create Xcode external build system for zlib
* iOS: Add button tag as secondary identification
* Switch to local gitignore for proprietary items
* Remove fp.h leftovers after limping update
* Centralized key handling in EmulatorView
* Fix overlay by restoring independent xib view
This resolves an issue with the GLKView stealing z-order with every
frame and allows disabling the view, not just hiding it.
* Connect on-screen controls to an IBAction method
* Add default disk image, Disable touch on GLKView
* Support loading disk / BIOS from selection
* Covert to assets library to support iPhone 6
* Attach controller view to hardware config, Fix cells
* Integrate controller into storyboard emulator view
* Convert to navigation controller to push view
* Move controller to storyboard, Add file parameters
* Fix table crash, Use modal EmulatorView
The current layout does not yet support the sliding view. The requires
and update and / or replacement of the backend library.
* Add custom cells to support disk image
* Create compound predicate for various file types
* Preliminary file list and controller overlay support
* Add a basic hardware control scheme for iOS

EmuCR: reicast
EmuCR: reicast

Download: Reicast Git (2017/06/18) x86
Download: Reicast Git (2017/06/18) x64
Download: Reicast Git (2017/06/18) Android
Source: Here

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