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EmuCR: Soywiz's Psp EmulatorCSharp Psp Emulator Git (2017/07/17) is compiled. CSharp Psp Emulator is a PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator, emulator for windows. This emulator born as a proof of concept of an emulator made in D. Now it's getting more and more compatible with homebrew, and gaining in features and speed. The emulator was based in it's first version on great Noxa's C# pspplayer emulator.

CSharp Psp Emulator Git Changelog:
* Some more cleanups
* Some more cleanups
* Some more cleanups
* Some more cleanups
* Further combination of GpuState
* Combined gpu state into a single file
* Some more cleanups
* Execute NUnit on travis (#84)
* First try
* Another try
* Try NUnit
* Use nunit 3.7.0
* Try to specify dlls manually
* Disable PostBuildEvent too
* Do not require embeded txt files. Instead just update class file
* Remove PreBuildEvent for now
* Some more NUnit fixes
* Small fix
* Linux is case sensitive
* Remove
* Removed VisualStudio references
* Some refactors + removed VisualStudio references
* Added travis badge
* NUnit
* Updated to framework v4.6.2
* Removed unused libraries
* Major refactor
* Some more cleanups
* Some cleanups
* Reformat code
* Reformat code
* Small update
* Some cleanups
* Enable travis
* Reformat SafeILGenerator

Download: CSharp Psp Emulator Git (2017/07/17)
Source: Here

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