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EmuCR: Play!Play! Git (2017/07/09) is complied. Play! is an attempt at creating an emulator for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console on the Windows platform. It is currently written in C/C++. It uses an instruction caching/recompilation scheme to achieve better performance while emulating the CPU.

Play! Git Changelog:
* Update version information.
* Remove unused files.
* Move OSX icon file location.
* Cleanup.
* Apply code style on Android Java source files.
* Update gitignore.
* Add Android Studio code style settings.
* Update Android Plugin for Gradle to v2.3.3
* Merge pull request #584 from Thunder07/android_cleanup5
Android Cleanup
* Android: Use ImageUtils
* Android: Create ImageUtils: common ImageProcessing functions
* Android: Use Cover Resource Dimensions to calculate sample size
* Update Android build tools version in Travis CI script.
* Update way running status is changed.
Should fix some issues occuring on some devices when turning off the device while the emulator is running.
* Move common code.
* Update build tools version in Travis config.
* Update Android project.
* Remove unused file.
* Merge pull request #577 from Thunder07/android_cleanup2
Android cleanup
* Android:Cleanup
* Android: Add toast notification to settings action
* Android: UISettingsFragment implements OnPreferenceClickListener
* Android: declare preference name
* Android: Correctly call settings action.
Removed SettingsActivity <-> MainActivity static dependency
* Android: check for null
* Android: Use IndexDB ID for storing covers + associated fixes
* Android: Reduce static method dependency
* Android: Cleanup
* Android: If Game is not found in the online TheGameDB Search
* Android: Refractor/Cleanup
* Android: Reuse stream by sorting it into an Array
* Android: don't start a new thread, reuse the current one
* Android: load covers from storage in parallel
* Android: Simplify TheGamesDB DB Structure
* Android: update indexDB to avoid repeated polling of TheGamesDB API
* Android: check db with exact serial only we have no reason to believe there is issue with the way people dump their games to add to that, suffix repeat and you risk a complete mismatch e.g SLPS_202.23 is Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 while SLUS_202.23 is Splashdown
* Android: use ViewHolder for Cover view's
will reduce the amount of time findViewById is called, in theory speeding up the process of accessing UI elements.
* Android: move GamesAdapter class to own file
* Android: move load off the main thread
* Android: refractoring
* Android: Cleanup
* Android: Cleanup
* Android: check if cover exists before downloading
Android uses serial async queue's as such multiple download queue might be created for the same image
this should prevent the queue from attempting to redownload the same downloaded image
* Android: move heavy task off main thread
* Android: Only update view if it's visible
* Android: reset view before using it
* Merge pull request #578 from Thunder07/android_color
Android color
* Android: Cleanup
* Android: Access primary color through theme attribuate
* Android: Add Green Theme Colour
* Android: Rename Yellow to Amber to reflect UI naming
* Android: Update colors to 500/700 pattern
* Fix executable path.
* Build both x86 and x64 versions on AppVeyor.
* Use different method to detect active architecture.
* Use built-in cpuid.
* Cleanup.
* Add generation script.
* Merge pull request #576 from AbandonedCart/master
Close stream after process without risking fail
* Close stream after process without risking fail
This ensures the stream is complete before attempting close without the
risk to kill off the functionality if close cannot be processed.
* Merge pull request #574 from Thunder07/android_db
Android: update games db
* Android: update games db
* Android: update games db
* Merge pull request #558 from Thunder07/cleanup3
* Cleanup
Silence:"warning: '0' flag ignored with precision and ‘%X’ gnu_printf format"
* Update gitignore.
* Merge pull request #568 from AbandonedCart/master
Time format compatibility, Cleanup
* Only replace a leading 0 in timestamp, not all 0s
* Ignore signing configs, Remove non-existent
* Time display compatibility (Samsung, Moto, etc).
This uses the truncated K format for compatibility, while avoiding the
pitfall of using 0 to replace 12. This avoids issue with non-standard
formatting by third-party Android firmwares, and removes the leading
zero on single-digit times (ie. 03:47 PM is now 3:47 PM)
* Add --gshandler option to autotest.
* Move GS handler specific code to separate libraries.
Will allow code to be used in autotests.
* Add libraries to test projects.
* Remove unneeded settings.
* Move more Android related stuff.
* Moved some of Android's specific stuff into its own section.
* Cleanup.
* Cleanup.
* Profile mode isn't limited to Win32.
* Cleanup.
* Clarify inclusion of ICU in CMakeLists.
* Cleanup.
* Implement StreamStat in CDVDFSV.
* Fix size of U and V fields.
* Return paused state instead of stopped.
* Cleanup.
* Add flags check to all MSUB operations.
* Cleanup MULA code generation.
* Add flags checking to all ADDA variants.
* Cleanup.
* Remove dead code.
* Cleanup.
* Add flags checking to ADDq, MULi and SUBq.
* Cleanup.
* Fix build.
* Return proper disc type in GetDiskType.
* Add OpticalMedia abstraction for physical discs.
* Add auto-detected function.
* Cleanup.
* Remove some lexical_cast_hex usage.
* Remove unused files.

EmuCR: Play!

Download: Play! Git (2017/07/09) x86
Download: Play! Git (2017/07/09) x64
Download: Play! Git (2017/07/09) Android
Source: Here

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  1. Stop posting same old-ass friggin' screenshot all the time. It was done when this emulator just started and it's not relevant in any way whatsoever at all anymore.


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