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EmuCR: DreavmRedream Git (2017/07/27) is compiled. Redream (originally called Dreavm) is a work in progress emulator for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Redream Git Changelog:
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/inolen/dreavm
* added lzma to the build
* added libflac to build
* added note about external library licenses
* added zlib to build
* add missing vixl source
* only ignore android/ and build/ in root
* fix for load / store thunks on Windows
* added initial appveyor configuration
* update contact page
* windows compile fixes
* add bin loading support
* trim any whitespace in strncpy_trim_space
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/inolen/dreavm
* restore decoding state when restarting forward loops
generate lerped sample before advancing
* phase actually has 18 fractional bits, not 10
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/inolen/dreavm
* don't reset decoding state for AICA_FMT_ADPCM_STREAM, fixes crackling on boot screen
* update SA, FNS and OCT registers immediately as they are written to
* simplify AICA register handling
* added contact page
* added contact page
* add 16:9 aspect ratio
* added progress report for july
* Darwin fix for libretro build
* avoid overwriting persistent aspect ratio option when forcing aspect
ratio due to a widescreen hack being enabled
* added HAVE_GDBSERVER define
* updated libretro makefiles to build with latest
* original libretro build scripts
* remove bad libretro build setup
* only ignore Makefile in root dir
* ifdef mp_begin_frame for HAVE_MICROPROFILE
* fixed a few potential AICA 8-bit register read / write bugs
* default to 4:3 aspect ratio if no widescreen patch is available
* add direct pointers to the user bank register in armv3_context
* added libretro makefile
* initial widescreen patching support
* Place alignment attribute before buffer name (#123)
* added SH4_FLAG_LOAD_PC to synchronize pc before instructions which need to load it
* rename ENABLE_* defines to HAVE_*
* added HAVE_CONFIG_H define
* added disc_get_id
* fix for strncpy_trim_spaces when there are no trailing spaces
* move meta data printing to disc.c
* added aspect ratio options
* added SH4_OP_SLEEP branch type info
* paletted textures are always twiddled
* fix tracer bitrot
* Revert "removed old debug code that caused non-interleaved pvr vram memory acesses to go through slow mmio route"
* removed dead CTX define
* removed inter-frame input polling
* added disc_find_file helper
* convert disc_read_sector to disc_read_sectors
* respect original aspect ratio of dreamcast video
* don't hardcode data track fad to 45150
* added back video_resized event which was accidentally removed
* make sh4_mmu_utlb_sync a warning as some games zero these out on start, even though they do not use the MMU
* make g2 dma transfers async
* honor hblank_int_mode of SPG_HBLANK_INT for more accurate hblank interrupt handling
* moved rendering back to the main thread, avoiding excessive context switching
removed offscreen fbo used for rendering the current frame
* removed old debug code that caused non-interleaved pvr vram memory acesses to go through slow mmio route
* replaced per-block fastmem flags with per-instruction fastmem flags
* don't persist fastmem state for blocks that weren't invalidated by a fastmem exception
* split up translate_code into analyze_code / translate_code
* execute delay slot instruction during RTE
* add edge patching counters
* added simple idle skip support
* fix STORE_GUEST on x64, arg1 is not always in a register
* added branch type info to blocks
* remove unnecessary secondary GL context
* initial mmu support for sq remaps
* disable imgui / microprofile for retroarch builds
* scale trigger values provided by retroarch API
* Revert "remove inter-frame input polling"
This reverts commit 089c3016cc49def1395eec56aa7a8dc3eb503c48.
* update retro host to pass it's own dlsym-esque function to glad
* arg1 is not optional for CALL_COND
* clean up caller-saved register saving in load store thunks
* use c-style casts in x64 backend
* support imm data arguments to STORE_*
validate type constraints to emitter functions
* legalize constants during register allocation
* added caller-saved register support
* standardized register names in emitters
use macros for terseness
* initial take at adding constraints to emitter functions
* removed unused ir op
* ensure -Wall comes before -Wno-*
* update DMA status registers immediately, not when the interrupt timer ends.
this avoids games trying to suspend the DMA transfers due to a lack of
* pass COMPILER_* variables as preprocessor defines
* break out of emu_run_frame loop based on vblank event, not render event. this
fixes games which render a loading / notice screen once (not every frame) and
don't render again until the user presses a button
* convert incoming TA surfaces from tristrips to triangles
merge incoming TA surfaces when possible
* don't push empty surfaces for modifier volumes
* fix issue where data is fetched before ea is calculated in movbm, movwm and movlm instructions
* use the host clock to smooth out frame timings when audio latency is high
* remove inter-frame input polling
* added temporary options
* moved trace.c
* removed extended basic block functionality from optimization passes
* remove uintptr_t use in x64 backend
use register aliases in x64 dispatch
* split up x64 backend into x64_emitters.cc
* added individual contributor license agreement
* added vixl to build
* rename ARM64 to A64
* avoid submitting vertices from discarded surfaces
* allocated a 24-bit depth buffer with SDL
force highp for fragment depth calculations
* add some debug code for calling interpreter fallbacks when emitting sh4 ir
* add arm64 support to linux exception handler
* pass SDL_GL_GetProcAddress to glad's loader to avoid it having to locate the shared library as well
set correct window width / height for android
set correct app dir for android
* add android support to logging
* initial android support
* remove glew source
* replace glew with glad
* make high-level gdrom_* functions return C data structures in LE
* prefix gdrom enums with GD_
* honor VO_CONTROL when calculating video resolution
* avoid having an empty struct in c (#99)
* Fixes ##98
* Thanks inolen!
* fix gdrom GET_TOC response
* implemented SLEEP instruction for sh4
* add default handlers for all invalid memory accesses
set arm wave ram to 2mb instead of 8mb
don't mirror arm memory
emit invalid instruction ops in armv3 frontend
be careful to emit blocks even when end address overflows
* fix retest bit rot
* nop on writes to SB_ISTEXT; external interrupts can only be cleared by the external device itself
* fix end address calculation in sh4_frontend_dump_code
* support reading from CDDA tracks for CDI images
don't assert when leadin fad does not equal 45150
* flush stdout before issuing debugbreak
* remove unused FindClangTidy script
* remove debug_break.h
* rename REDREAM_* variables to RELIB_*
* don't forcefully disable OpenGL ES support
* support gdis with track filenames containing single or double quotes
* lower default audio latency
* fix assert on video context destroy
* move renderer creation to host
* add frame time debug graph
* made fs_appdir configurable
* remove absolute bios path option
* add cdi extension support to libretro
* MinGW build fixes
* made the SPI_CD_* commands set the correct GD-ROM state
* initial hle bios
* added disc_meta structure which represents the meta information contained in the ip.bin
* fixed typo, handle both CONT_JOYX and CONT_JOYY events
* fixed issues with bios over-invalidating flash
added flash_erase helper
removed some unnecessary casts
* moved hw and hle code to guest
* use int for size in as_memcpy_* like all other functions
* windows build fixes
* initial hle flash support
* rename exception struct to exception_state to resolve collison in
don't write out flash modifications until program exit
* allow mode 0 tracks as well when loading CDIs
* renamed bios.c to boot.c in preparation for hle bios
* merge sys and core, the distinction between the two is trivial
* moved non-hw code out of hw dir
* moved host code to its own subdir
* fix scaling of trigger inputs broken by recent sdl host update
* removed debug_menu callback from devices
* remove nuklear source
* remove nuklear implementation
* replace nuklear menus with imgui
* added imgui implementation
* added imgui source code
* center text for debug menu options
* added initial cdi support
added support for SPI_REQ_ERROR
fixed SPI_REQ_SES response format
* remove unneeded header include
* move hard-coded gdrom fads into gdi implementation
* increase ir buffer size
* rename interrupt enums
* move bswap24 to math.h
* added some register debug logging to holly
* persist QM bits across interrupts
* fix tests when running with interpreter
* remove unneeded include
* add support for instructions which set the pc, but are not branch operations themselves (e.g. an invalid instruction trap)

Redream Running

redream --bios=path/to/dc_boot.bin --flash=path/to/dc_flash.bin [bin or gdi file]

Download: Redream Git (2017/07/27) x64
Source: Here

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