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EmuCR: rpcs3 rpcs3 Git (2017/07/14) is compiled. RPCS3 is an open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows and Linux. The emulator has been in development since early 2011 and currently supports modern DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL renderers. The emulator is capable of booting and playing a decent amount of commercial games and PlayStation 3 SDK samples. Many more titles are also becoming playable with future development by contributors.

rpcs3 Git Changelog:
* Murdering a wx zombie
* For the Neko
* Small main_window refactoring. Fixed one of the guiconfig crashes too somehow.
* Fix various typos and capitalisation inconsistencies.
also Jarves please implement sysutils
* Rearrange /dev_bdvd mounting logic
Prevent booting patches without /dev_bdvd
Prevent booting with foreign /dev_bdvd
* Improved sprx boot (for devs only)
* Fix cmdline start
* Add sceNp2* functions
* Add sceNp* functions
* Add cellHttp* functions
* Remove "#pragma once" directive in a cpp file
* Improve Save Manager (#2951)
* Add the save icons to the save data entry and manager.
* Simplify code slightly since I have an else now so no need for == false
* Move the icon to the top of the list because it looks better. Remove redundant settitle.
* Fix size. It's a bit forced but there wasn't any better way as far as I could see on stack overflow.
Also, add an error dialog if you have no entries.
Simplify the logic slightly for the selected since with the no data case handled, I can make more assumptions about the return value.
* save_data_utility: fix dialog sizes
* Retcon dialog to instead be error in log.
* Dangle92 and I had some fun. Everything should be good now.
* In dangle's code he disabled the icon, in mine I hide it if there is nothing. Having both isn't needed. Yay merges resulting in doing stupid things.
* Fix leek
* Default size to zero for sanity. Shared pointer is fine handling null (tested with disgaea and renaming icon file)
* Simplifying. Thanks for review and advice all
* clean up some unused / redundant includes
* game_list: enable deselection + fix entry selection
* Fixes pkg overwriting files without the PKG_FILE_ENTRY_OVERWRITE flag

Download: rpcs3 Git (2017/07/14) x64
Source: Here

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