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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-4952 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #5844 from leoetlino/video-analytics
Analytics: Report a few more video settings
* Analytics: Report a few more video settings
* per-pixel lighting
* usershader mode
* fast depth
* vertex rounding
* Merge pull request #5573 from JosJuice/directory-blob
Turn VolumeDirectory into DirectoryBlob
* DirectoryBlob: Standardize the spelling of disc
DirectoryBlob was using disk in some places and disc in other places.
* DirectoryBlob: Don't silently set GC region to NTSC-J if bi2.bin is missing
We were already handling the Wii region in region.bin in this way.
* DirectoryBlob: Write partition headers properly
* DolphinQt2: Fix memory leak in GameLoader::LoadGame
* DolphinWX: Increment game list cache version
This is so that DirectoryBlobs won't look like valid discs
in old versions that don't support the DirectoryBlob format.
* Don't show "extra" files from DirectoryBlobs in game list
For instance, we don't want to show TGC files that might be
inside the /files/ directory of a GameCube DirectoryBlob,
and we don't want to show the /sys/main.dol files for extra
partitions of Wii DirectoryBlobs.
* DirectoryBlob: Change ConvertUTF8NamesToSHIFTJIS's parameter to pointer
* DirectoryBlob: Support multiple partitions
* DirectoryBlob: Remove m_root_directory from DirectoryBlob
* DirectoryBlob: Implement GetDataSize()
* DirectoryBlob: Prepare more for supporting multiple partitions
* DirectoryBlob: Let DirectoryBlob force GC/Wii for partition
* DirectoryBlob: Reorder functions in .cpp file
They're now grouped by which class they belong to.
* DirectoryBlob: Prepare for supporting multiple partitions
* DirectoryBlob: Make PadToAddress and Write32 static
* DirectoryBlob: Split out setting BI2 to new function
* DirectoryBlob: Make some constants local
* DirectoryBlob: Remove m_fst_name_offset
* DirectoryBlob: Improve SetApploader
The code gets simpler by using IOFile instead of ReadFileToString.
Also, we now write -1 in all cases where loading fails.
* DirectoryBlob: Don't use member variables for addresses
Now it's clearer that SetDOL depends on SetApploader
and BuildFST depends on SetDOL.
As a side note, we now load the DOL even if there's
no apploader. (I don't think it matters whether we
do it, but it was easier to implement this way.)
* DirectoryBlob: Split out setting partition table to new function
* DirectoryBlob: Split out setting TMD and ticket to new function
* DirectoryBlob: Move content emplacement out of the constructor
* DirectoryBlob: Restructure SetApploader
* DirectoryBlob: Support region.bin
* DirectoryBlob: Add ReadFileToVector function
Because DISKHEADERINFO is too easy confuse with DISKHEADER.
Also adding BI2_SIZE and DISKHEADER_SIZE contants.
* DirectoryBlob: Support bi2.bin
* Don't check validity twice when creating DirectoryBlob
* DirectoryBlob: Don't keep DOL in memory
* DirectoryBlob: Require header file (boot.bin)
* DirectoryBlob: Support tickets and TMDs
* DirectoryBlob: Use DISCIO instead of DVDINTERFACE for logging
* DirectoryBlob: Use DiscContent for ReadNonPartition too
ReadPartition and ReadNonPartition are now unified into
ReadInternal, with a parameter controlling whether
the read is in a partition or not.
* DirectoryBlob: Use DiscContent for everything in ReadPartition
* DirectoryBlob: Let DiscContent be backed by memory instead of file
* DirectoryBlob: Create a DiscContent class for use in m_virtual_disc
* DirectoryBlob: Make some functions private
* DirectoryBlob: Move constants to .cpp file
* Remove DVD root and apploader path settings
* Turn VolumeDirectory into DirectoryBlob
This lets VolumeDirectory/DirectoryBlob skip implementing
various volume functions like GetGameID, GetBanner, etc.
It also lets us view extracted discs in the game list.
This ends up breaking the boot process for Wii
DirectoryBlobs due to workarounds being removed from the
boot process, but that will be fixed later by adding
proper DirectoryBlob support for things like TMDs.
We now expect the directories to be laid out in a certain
format (based on the format that WIT uses) instead of requiring
the user to set the DVD root and apploader path settings.
* Blob: Add interface for reading decrypted Wii data directly
This is useful for blob types that store Wii data unencrypted
(such as WIA and discs extracted to directories) so that
we don't have to waste CPU time encrypting in the blob code
just to decrypt right afterwards in the volume code.
* Boot: Consider DOL/ELF files as possible volumes
The old approach to detecting DOL/ELF files doesn't fit
with the new way of implementing extracted discs.
The game list is already doing it in a way that's similar
to the approach that this commit uses.
* Merge pull request #5859 from stenzek/android-ubershader-setting
Android: Fix ubershader hybrid setting
* Android: Fix ubershader hybrid setting
* Merge pull request #5683 from JosJuice/volume-wii-defer
VolumeWii: Defer loading tickets, TMDs and keys until when needed
* VolumeWii: Defer loading tickets, TMDs and keys until when needed
This should make building the game list cache a tiny bit
faster, since we won't have to read anything from
partitions other than the game partition.
* Common: Add a Lazy type
* Merge pull request #5690 from ligfx/removecoreaudio
Remove CoreAudio audio backend
* Remove CoreAudio audio backend
Cubeb handles everything the CoreAudio backend can, plus supports DPL2.
* Merge pull request #5716 from leoetlino/gameini-1-2
GameINI: Force safe texture cache for the System Menu and the shop
* GameINI: Force safe texture cache for the Wii Shop
* GameINI: Force safe texture cache for the System Menu
* Merge pull request #5855 from leoetlino/config-reload
Config: Reload game INI on title change
* Config: Reload game INI on title change
Enables any code that uses OnionConfig to use the correct config for
the current title, not just the first title that was booted.
* Merge pull request #5834 from stenzek/bc7
Support loading BC7 (BPTC) textures from DDS files
* HiresTextures: Support loading BC7 (BPTC) from DDS files
* GLExtensions: Add GL_ARB_texture_compression_bptc
* Merge pull request #5857 from stenzek/drop-force-ubershader-settings
VideoConfig: Drop force vertex/pixel ubershader settings
* VideoConfig: Drop force vertex/pixel ubershader settings
This was mainly included for debugging, but could end up being confusing
for users, as well as polluting the GL program cache with a mix of uber
and specialized shaders if the option was changed.
* Merge pull request #5853 from leoetlino/onionconfig-fix
Config: Fix the loader Load() being called twice
* Config: Fix the loader Load() being called twice
The Config::AddLoadLayer functions call Load on the layer
explicitly, but Load is already called in the constructor,
so they'd cause the loader's Load function to be called twice,
which is potentially expensive considering we have to read an INI
from the host filesystem.
This commit removes the Config::AddLoadLayer functions because
they don't appear to be necessary.
* Merge pull request #5854 from leoetlino/gameini-names
Config: Fix returned game INI filenames for title IDs
* Config: Fix returned game INI filenames for title IDs
Using the first letter or the 3 letters of the ID only makes sense
if the ID is an actual game ID (which has 6 characters).

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-4952 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-4952 Android
Source: HereDolphin Git 5.0-2877

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