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EmuCR: XeniaXenia Git (2017/08/08) is compiled. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. It does not run games (yet).

Xenia Status:
Some real games run. Most don't. See the Game compatibility list for currently tracked games and feel free to contribute your own updates, screenshots, and information there following the existing conventions.

Xenia Git Changelog:
* XAM: Write as many items possible when enumerating. Fixes Nier not detecting system save data (and possibly other games).
* Take three?
* Take two?
* GPU: Cast various flags to bool in IssueCopy. Fixes #773.
* GPU: Ensure texture resolves are at least 1x1.
* GPU: First pass of CTX1 to R8G8_UINT conversion implementation for Vulkan.
* x64 JIT: Simplify splats
* Vulkan: Do not bind a NULL pipeline even if a full update is requested.
* Vulkan: Fix race crash in trace viewer
* Vulkan: Fix swap on resolve (off by one!)
Clean up part of IssueCopy
* Vulkan: Get rid of the empty descriptor set
* GPU Shader Translator: Add cases for memexport registers
* GPU: Rewrite/rephrase some confusing shader translator code
* GPU: Fixed texel pitch calculation for linear textures.
* GPU: Don't use host write bit for texture uploads.
* - GPU: Removal of deprecated TextureInfo fields.
- GPU: Replicated removed deprecated fields into local struct for GL.
- GPU: Improved texture copies for Vulkan, no more pitch changes.
- GPU: Stubbed code for CTX1 conversion in Vulkan.
* GPU: Make the format info table 64 statically elements again.
* Vk Immediate: Get Sampler

Download: Xenia Git (2017/08/08)
Source: Here

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