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EmuCR: CitraCitra Git (2017/09/16) is released. This is the trunk of Citra Project. Citra is an experimental open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++. At this time, it only emulates a very small subset of 3DS hardware, and therefore is only useful for booting/debugging very simple homebrew demos. Citra is licensed under the GPLv2. Refer to the license.txt file included.

Citra Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #2900 from wwylele/clip-2
PICA: implement custom clip plane
* SwRasterizer/Clipper: flip the sign convention to match PICA and OpenGL
* gl_rasterizer: implement custom clip plane
* SwRasterizer: implement custom clip plane
* Merge pull request #2842 from Subv/switchable_page_table
Kernel/Memory: Give each process its own page table and allow switching the current page table upon reschedule
* CPU/Dynarmic: Disable the fast page-table access in dynarmic until it supports switching page tables at runtime.
* Tests/VFP: Use a standalone pagetable for the TestEnvironment memory operations.
This fixes building the tests
* Kernel/Memory: Make IsValidPhysicalAddress not go through the current process' virtual memory mapping.
* Kernel/Threads: Don't clear the CPU instruction cache when performing a context switch from an idle thread into a thread in the same process.
We were unnecessarily clearing the cache when going from Process A -> Idle -> Process A, this caused extreme performance regressions.
* Kernel/Memory: Changed GetPhysicalPointer so that it doesn't go through the current process' page table to obtain a pointer.
* Kernel/Memory: Switch the current page table when a new process is scheduled.
* Kernel/Memory: Give each Process its own page table.
The loader is in charge of setting the newly created process's page table as the main one during the loading process.

Download: Citra Git (2017/09/16) x64
Source: Here

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