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EmuCR: DreavmRedream Git (2017/09/30) is compiled. Redream (originally called Dreavm) is a work in progress emulator for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Redream Git Changelog:
* changed region patching to patch each game for all regions vs
patching the flash settings for a particular supported region
added post_init callback to device, removing the need for the
call to bios_preboot
* remove patch code
* updated imgui to latest navigation branch
* added DISC_STRING_SIZE define
* fix for out of bounds access in merge sort implementation
* simplify host interface by directly calling into user functions
don't pass initial renderer struct to emu_create

Redream Running

redream --bios=path/to/dc_boot.bin --flash=path/to/dc_flash.bin [bin or gdi file]

Download: Redream Git (2017/09/30) x64
Source: Here

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