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EmuCR: rpcs3 rpcs3 Git (2017/09/22) is compiled. RPCS3 is an open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows and Linux. The emulator has been in development since early 2011 and currently supports modern DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL renderers. The emulator is capable of booting and playing a decent amount of commercial games and PlayStation 3 SDK samples. Many more titles are also becoming playable with future development by contributors.

rpcs3 Git Changelog:
* Fix branch name for AppVeyor Builds (#3472)
* vs/qt: Explicitly reference target output to avoid failing post-build step
- Referencing the whole build folder will err if there is any non-qt exe in the folder
* rsx: Fixes
- Fix section scanning range for early reject
- Specify IMAGE_ASPECT_STENCIL when uploading image_from_cpu
* gl: Check that fence is not empty before calling destroy
* Allow null argument
Should fix Jak 2
* Deploy QT DLLs using windeployqt tool (#3432)
* Deploy QT DLLs using windeployqt tool
Replace the old mechanism that manually copy the DLLs using either CMake
or VS built-in functions. The new approach uses the windeployqt tool
provided by the QT project that automatically detect the needed DLLs and
perform the necessary copying.
This approach should be more robust if there's an upstream change on QT
project regarding DLLs usage.
* QT DLLs: do not ship RPCS3 with ANGLE and software-OpenGL
According to https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/windows-requirements.html ANGLE is
useful for applications that use OpenGL ES by removing the need to
install OpenGL drivers, redirecting OpenGL calls to DirectX instead.
RPCS does not uses OpenGL ES so it's better to just remove it from the
binary distribution.
opengl32sw.dll is a fallback mechanism when ANGLE libraries are not
available that uses a software backend for OpenGL. It's unlikely that
RPCS3 will work using software-OpenGL, so there's little point into
shipping them.
* QT DLLs: do not ship with SVG and translation files
Like the other removed QT libraries: they are not needed right now. We
can deploy them if they become useful someday.
* rsx: Texture cache fixes and improvements
rsx: Conditional lock hack removed
vulkan - Fixes
- Remove unused texture class
- Fix native pitch calculation (WCB)
rsx: Catch hanging begin/end pairs when flushing deferred draw calls
vulkan: Register DXT compressed formats
vulkan: Register depth formats
gl: Workaround for 'texture stitching' when gathering flip surface
- TODO: Add a proper flip hack option
rsx: Fix texture memory size calculation
- DXT textures dont have real pitch. Since pitch is used to calculate memory size, make sure it always evaluates to rsx_size
rsx: Fix cpu copy detection
rsx: Validate blit dst surface and dont make assumptions about region blit order
- Also relax restrictions on memory owned by the blit engine if strict rendering is not enabled
rsx: Fix depth texture detection
rsx: Do not manually offset into dst. The overlapped range check does so automatically
rsx: Minor optimizations
rsx: Minor fixes
- Fix to detect incompatible formats when using GPU texture scaling and show message
- Better 'is_depth_texture' algorithm to eliminate false positives
* rsx: Add support for non-projective shadow sampling
- Fixes missing shadows in persona 5
vk: Enable polygon depth bias a.k.a polygonOffset
- Fixes shadow acne in persona 5
* rsx: Fixups
* rsx: Texture cache improvements
- Limits buffer size to min 720 in the Y axis (1024 section causes conflicts in some cases - TODO)
rsx: Fixups to allow large textures for blit operation
- Also includes checks for both leaking sections and blit regions for vulkan
hotfix for hanging when using WCB
addendum - unlock both ro and no blocks before attempting to copy memory blocks
gl: Fixups for ARB_explicit_uniform_location
- Forces glsl v 430 to make use of the extension
rsx/vk: Rework texture cache to minimize recursive access violations
- Also modifies the vulkan commandbuffer begin/end/submit mechanism
gl: Fix cached_texture_section::is_flushable to take memory protection into account
rsx: Fix blit dst offset calculation
* rsx: Fix multidraw range splits again
rsx: Hotfix for disjoint range detection
* gl: Minor optimizations
rsx: Texture cache - improvements to locking
rsx: Minor optimizations to get_current_vertex_program and begin-end batch flushes
rsx: Optimize texture cache storage
- Manages storage in blocks of 16MB
rsx/vk/gl: Fix swizzled texture input
gl: Hotfix for compressed texture formats
* rsx: Texture cache fixes and improvments
gl/vk/rsx: Refactoring; unify texture cache code
gl: Fixups
- Removes rsx::gl::texture class and leave gl::texture intact
- Simplify texture create and upload mechanisms
- Re-enable texture uploads with the new texture cache mechanism
rsx: texture cache - check if bit region fits into dst texture before attempting to copy
gl/vk: Cleanup
- Set initial texture layout to DST_OPTIMAL since it has no data in it anyway at the start
- Move structs outside of classes to avoid clutter
* gl: cleanup; fix program linkage on mesa using GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location, also make use of ARB_multidraw
* rsx: Add support for batched multidraw
gl: Fix multidraw [WIP]
rsx: Ignore vertex base when data source is generated using arithmetic
vk: Check pending flag before doing fence poke
vk/gl: Fix for inlined array and immediate draws
rsx: Collapse joined draws when batching
* rsx: Bug fixes and improvements
rsx: Try to skip unknown commands without discarding entire cb
* rsx/fp: Shader decompiler fixes
- Requires proper 2-pass impl
rsx/fp: Catch hanging code blocks
rsx/fp: Don't pause on scaling error
* esx: Fixes to the texture cache
rsx: Blit engine improvements
- Always handle blits to and from framebuffers through the GPU
- Handle depth surfaces properly when using GL
- Check for format mismatches when blitting to the surface store [WIP]
* rsx: Several fixes and improvements
- Do not ignore non-centered pixel blitting
- Register method ac00+16
- Bump texture memory heap to account for GPU texture scaling requirements (vulkan)
- Explicit MRT location index output to better convey intent (openGL)
* rsx/vk: Bug fixes
- Make each frame context own its own memory
- Fix GPU blit
- Fix image layout transitions in flip
vk: Improve frame-local memory usage tracking to prevent overwrites
- Also slightly bumps VRAM requirements for stream buffers to help with running out of storage
- Fixes flickering and missing graphics in some cases. Flickering is still there and needs more work
vk: Up vertex attribute heap size and increase the guard size on it
vulkan: Reorganize memory management
vulkan: blit cleanup
vulkan: blit engine improvements
- Override existing image mapping when conflicts detected
- Allow blitting of depth/stencil surfaces
* rsx/vk/gl: Refactoring and reimplementation of blit engine
Fix rsx offscreen-render-to-display-buffer-blit surface reads
- Also, properly scale display output height if reading from compressed tile
gl: Fix broken dst height computation
- The extra padding is only there to force power-of-2 sizes and isnt used
gl: Ignore compression scaling if output is rendered to in a renderpass
rsx/gl/vk: Cleanup for GPU texture scaling. Initial impl [WIP]
- TODO: Refactor more shared code into RSX/common
* Minor VFS fix
* cellAudio: use error_code
* Remove unnecessary include git-version.h
* Fix library loading mode 'both'

Download: rpcs3 Git (2017/09/22) x64
Source: Here

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