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Genieous v1.0.4 is released. Genieous is a EACA EG2000 Colour Genie emulator. The Colour Genie was the heavily modified offspring of the EACA VideoGenie. It had 16 colours and were mounted with a CRTC display IC as well as a General Instruments AY-3-8910 PSG. Later revisions had modified colours, screen size as well as various expansions and an updated BASIC ROM. The Colour Genie was marketed in Europe (UK/Germany) and also in New Zealand and Australia.

Features of the Genieous emulator
- full and cycle exact Z80 CPU core with NMI interrupt (RESET)
- partial CRTC 6545 emulation
- support for 16 and 32 kb memory setups
- 3 channel AY-3-8910 PSG emulation along with the noise and envelope
- full keyboard emulation, with optional symbolic mapping
- read/write support for the CAS tape format
- read/write support for tape WAV format
- tape sound

- adjust tape head (compare level)
- adjustable RAM powerup pattern
- save sound to WAV
- save screen memory to text file (.V80) along with screenshots
- more command line options (/b, /s, /t, /v)

Download: Genieous v1.0.4
Source: Here

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