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HT1080Z v1.7.0 is released. HT1080Z is a HT1080Z/VideoGenie/System-80 and TRS-80 Model I Level 2 emulator. The HT-1080Z was the second official school computer in Hungary. Initial versions were unaltered VideoGenie-1 computers relabeled and mounted with an on-board Yamaha/General Instruments AY-3-8910 sound chip. Later revisions had accented characters and modified ROM contents. This Yamaha chip is the same one that appeared in other famous computer models, such as the Amstrad and the Atari ST.

Features of the HT1080Z emulator
- full and cycle exact Z80 CPU core
- support for VideoGenie-1/System-80 and the 1st and 2nd series of HT1080Z
- support for 16 and 64 kb memory setups
- NMI interrupt (RESET)
- Video Cut (32 columns mode) and Page buttons
- 3 channel YM2149 sound chip emulation along with the noise and envelope
- TRS-80 compatible tape sound
- full keyboard emulation
- direct loading of the disk based CMD format files
- read/write support for the CAS tape format
- WAV format support for tape output
- simple printer support
- Lowe LE15 High Resolution Graphic Adapter emulation

HT1080Z v1.7.0 Changelog:
- implemented loading from tape in WAV format
- adjust tape head (compare level)
- adjustable RAM powerup pattern
- save sound to WAV
- save screen memory to text file (.V80) along with screenshots
- more command line options (/b, /s, /t, /v)

Download: HT1080Z v1.7.0
Source: Here

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