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EmuCR: XeniaRecompile Git (2017/10/26) is compiled. Porting Xbox360 executables to Windows. Currently the published branch of the project allows to run simple Xbox360 demo apps (samples).

Recompile Git Changelog:
* [launcher] Added more kernel method implementations. APC, Timer, Mutex. Semaphore
Not tested ;)
* [launcher] Added debug feature to dump list of called native functions with their arguments
* [launcher] Cleaned up remaining library function implementations
* [launcher] Improved implementation of the XAM functions
* [launcher] Improved impelemntation of input system library functions
* [launcher] Reimplemented interfaces for main IO function, much cleaner
* [launcher] Fixed bugs with memory allocation
* [launcher] Merged namespace xnative and lib (for clarity)
* [launcher] Added "human readable" binding method for library functions
Implemented helper class to resolve PopwerPC calling convention automatically instead of doing this all the time manualy
* [launcher] Library functions can now be bound using the std::function as well as the normal function pointer
* [launcher] Refactored the memory access a little bit on the side of library function implementations
Added Pointer, DataInMemory and Field classes to better wrap the endianess conversions in various cases. Working towards simplifying the interface of the library functions.

EmuCR: Recompile

Download: Recompile Git (2017/10/26)
Source: Here

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