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EmuCR: GLideN64GLideN64 Git (2017/11/16) is compiled. GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

GLideN64 Git Changelog:
* Correct debug output
* Enable noDepthFrameBuffers hack for Vigilante 8.
* Revert "Do not use aux depth buffer as hwfbe texture."
This reverts commit bd10c7a788caf52b13989a555661f1d93043e666.
* Fix chunk copy start address
* Fix copy buffer chunk to RDRAM.
* Fix RDRAMtoColorBuffer::copyFromRDRAM with FBInfo
* FBInfo fixes

EmuCR: GLideN64

Download: GLideN64 Git (2017/11/16)
Source: Here

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