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EmuCR:Ootake Ootake v2.87 is released. Ootake is a PC Engine emulator for Windows. Ootake is the most frequently updated PC Engine emulator available for windows, and Ootake is also one of the more complete. Also, Ootake is FREE unlike Magic Engine.

Ootake v2.87 changelog:
– At the top of the « Input » menu, the current pad connection status is
displayed on one line, such as « Connect [x-Button Pad] ». If you place the
mouse cursor over it, the menu for changing the connection pad appears.
– « 3-Button Pad (I+II) » added to the pad selection of the above menu. If
this is selected, pressing [IIIr] button will result in pressing [I]+[II]
button at the same time. In addition, [IIIs] button becomes [RUN] button.
It can be used for jumping of [I]+[II] in « Double Dragon II », and for
simultaneous bullet shooting of [I]+[II] in « Super Darius » and « Darius
Plus », and so on.
– [Alt] key can be assigned to PCE controller setting. Therefore, when you
want to open the menu, please use [Esc] key, the button by « CPU->
Configure Pause Button » menu, or mouse click.
Also, when [Shift] key is pressed five times, the fixed key setting dialog
will not be displayed. As a result, [Shift] key can be assigned to PCE
controller setting.
– When setting PCE controller from the [Setting] button (lower left of the
initial green screen), PCE controllers #2-#5 are initialized (keys not
set). If your controller setting is not stable, please set it here.
– The number of save states can be used to a maximum of 80.
(increased from 50 to 80)
– In the visual scene of the end of « Tenshi no Uta II », the problem of
stopping was solved (occurred in recent version. adjustment of CD access
timing). I was able to check the operation without problem until ending
with this version.
– When entering the first tower in « Tenshi no Uta II », the problem that
large noise exists on the head of some audio tracks (* this noises exists
with a real PC Engine) was solved. In Ootake, this obvious unnecessary
noise is cut and played cleanly.
* This problem is probably caused by a CD-ROM production mistake at that
time (the sound of the end of the previous track is mixed at the
beginning of the track).
In « Tenshi no Uta II », « Rayxanber II », « Eikan ha Kimini » and « Ginga
Fukei Densetsu Sapphire », this problem happens. Ootake solves it. If you
uncheck « Setting-> Improve-> Cut Inaccurate CD-DA Track Head Noise »
menu, this solving will be invalid (noise appear like real PC Engine).
– When specifying « .cue file » as an argument from the command prompt, the
bug that could not be opened (occurred from v2.81) has been fixed.
– Additionally, a detailed part has been improved and corrected.

Download: Ootake v2.87
Source: Here

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