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EmuCR: StellaStella Git (2017/11/27) is compiled. Stella is a multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator. The Atari 2600 Video Computer System (VCS), introduced in 1977, was the most popular home video game system of the early 1980's. Now you can enjoy all of your favorite Atari 2600 games on your PC thanks to Stella!

Stella Git changelog:
* VERY minor copy&paste error fix
* Clear FB before running autodetection.
* Mute audio while autodetection runs.
* VSCode settings.
* Remove vscode c++ config from git --- this is getting too system specific.
* maximum framerate in Video Dialog set to 900
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/stella-emu/stella
* Added missing header files to VS project file.
* fixed #259
* size of keyboard image reduced
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/stella-emu/stella
* Updated OSX project file for recent class additions.
* rewind keys documented
* debugger doc updated for rewind/unwind operations
* minor doc updates
* missing files added

Download: Stella Git (2017/11/27) 32bit
Download: Stella Git (2017/11/27) 64bit
Source: Here

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