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EmuCR: P.E.Op.S. Soft GPUP.E.Op.S. Soft Driver Refresh/a> is released. xBRZ is a high-quality image upscaling filter for creating beautiful HD equivalents of low-resolution images.

Interface changes:

- Cleaned up the resolution combobox

- You can now force 16/15 bits for the backbuffer (use this if you are on windows 8+ and you need more speed)

- Added proper aspect ratio handling
You need to set your monitor aspect ratio and the wanted aspect ratio (default is 16/9 and 4.2/3)
Note: this will work if the fullscreen resolution you choose fill the entire monitor
Example: monitor is 16/9, max res is 1280x720, you set 640x480 (and this fill the entire monitor) -> aspect ratio will work
Example: monitor is 16/9, max res is 1280x720, you set 640x480 (and this gets rendered in 4/3) -> aspect ratio will NOT work
It really depends on gfx card configuration/options for sub-resolutions, but you shuold be able to fix special cases if you play with numbers.
Window mode is always stretched now

- Added overscan top/bottom (pixels removed from the current internal psx resolution)

- Added 6xBRZ

- Removed 1:1 mode, it is silly to mantain imho :)

- Removed the transparent menu option -> replaced it with an option to ignore frame limit callbacks (epsxe turn off the plugin FL on startup and every time you press F4)
This can be useful if you want to use the plugin FL/FS, add F4 in the keys to send at startup and the job is done
(the internal audio plugin don't like this btw, use another plugin if you want to do that)

- Changed some defaults in "Key configuration"

- The gpu infos function (INSERT key default) now show additional debug infos (the internal psx resolution can be useful for users)

- You can now send up to 7 keys to the emulator at startup (for example in epsxe F5 enable analog, F5-F6-F5 enable 2x analog, F4 remove fps limit)
epsxe sometimes ignore keys, try to play with the delay in this case

- Removed the debug option and replaced the F12 function with "cycle aspect ratio modes"

- Removed the scanlines options (they were bugged on my system(s)).

- Replaced fast/nice presets with a reset option

- Removed the copy to clipboard button (it was not mantained/complete anyway)

Internal changes/fixes:

- New registry key for options: "Software\Vision Thing\PSEmu Pro\GPU\PeteSoftMOD2"
So you can keep other versions without messing up the configuration
(MOD2 was the internal name before release, the code is also full of MOD2!!! comments :p)

- Refactored the blitting code (blitters15.h, blitters16.h, blitters32.h, screenModes.h, *getBlit(), *getResize() needs to be aligned if you want to add new resize modes)

- Menu, gun cursor, messages from the emulators are now blitted in the backbuffer (the old way was slow when i started rising the backbuffer resolution for 3x+ modes)
A nice(?) side effect is that all those stuff gets resized in the blitting pipeline

- Fixed all nonworking resize modes (expecially 3x modes were repeatedly abused :) )
Note: xBRZ works in 32 bit only (15/16 bit -> fallback to 1x)

- Removed the 512 width limit for resize modes ("iS" and other few 640xXXX games are now resized correctly)
(the limit can be changed via #define in the code - i was tempted to make the maximum width an option, so we can save video memory per game - but i feel it is not necessary)

- Removed an unneeded blit when using xBRZ (the last one) and reduced memory allocations in this mode
(i'm able to remove the 16->32 bit conversion too, but the code seems faster in this way... maybe something related to the cache?)

- FPS are shown in the window title now

- Fixed the DPI bugs in both window/fullscreen modes

- Fixed bad exit when you close from "x" or with alt+f4 (i send a virtual "esc" key for this - a bit hacky)

- Fixed alt-enter toggle (there should be no more slowdowns)
It seems that if you esc and after continue from epsxe, i'm no more able to obtain DDSCL_EXCLUSIVE | DDSCL_FULLSCREEN mode
This works correctly in epsxe 1.5.2, so i guess is something related to recent versions of epsxe

- Fixed bugs when you lose focus/alt-tab from fullscreen mode (i automatically switch in windows mode in this case)

EmuCR: P.E.Op.S. DSound PSX SPU

Download: P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver Refresh
Source: Here

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