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EmuCR:x360ce x360ce Git (2017/12/25) is compiled. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (a wrapper library that translates the xinput calls to directinput calls) which allows your controller (GamePad, Joystick, Wheel, ...) to function like an Xbox 360 controller on a Windows PC. For example it allows you to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game with Logitech wheel.

x360ce Git Changelog:
* Update BetaTesting.md
* Rename BetaTesting to BetaTesting.md
* Create BetaTesting
* Batch files updated and beta files added.
* Embedded DLL load fix.
* Moving libraries, modules and resources.
* Links to third party source code added.
* Implemented updates with HiResTimer class. Now, application use 0.0-0.5% CPU when minimized and updating virtual controllers at 1000 Hz. Next step is to test with actual game like Ghost Recon Wildlands. If it works then it will be suitable for public test (alpha release).
* Finished hi performance timer class for 1000 Hz updates. Standard C# timers are highly inaccurate, super slow and adds up to 8ms to every call-back.
* Experiments with better timer (1000Hz).
* Returned working XInput class. Form for performance tests added. Virtual device update part is using 5% CPU, more optimizations needed.
* CPU performance timer added.
* Will be adding Performace test control for optimization tests.
* Win32 updates.
* Trying to optimize XInput classes.
* Optimize feeding experiments. Dynamic classes too slow. Static are much faster.
* Virtual feeding optimizations. Using too much CPU resources now.
* Recorder feature fixes and updates.
* Multiple controls updated, layouts support added.
* Mapping control setting events and image fixed.
* trigger and thumb mapping control updates.
* trigger and thumb mapping control updates.
* Thumb control updates
* Test device and issue solver fixes.
* Convert functions updated
* DirectInput and Thumb control updates.
* DInput panel updates
* DInput panel updates
* Direct Input updates.
* Trigger and mapping updates.
* Trigger mapping settings updated.
* Mapping fixes.
* Mapping fixes.
* mapping scripts updated.
* mapping scripts updated.
* Mapping updated.
* Test device updated, shared methods added.
* Test state updates. Log fixes.
* Test device updates.
* Adding test user device.
* Issue solver updated.
* Virtual driver install updated.
* RawInput XML.
* Main form update. Virtual driver installer updates (part 1).
* Database schema update
* Game Details control fixes and updates
* Issue moved to user control, interface updates.
* Emulation mode added to main form.
* Added emulation type, changed column name and function.
* wiki update
* FFX and FFX2 HD
* virtual device feeding, settings converter update.
* MS XInput loading updates
* Load XInput and other updates.
* Display credentials in title if different from Windows (run as different user).
* Mapping algorithms updated
* Mapping algorithms updated
* Interface updates from controller.
* Virtual device feed fixes.
* Virtual device updates.
* State code updated.
* Configuration functions updated.
* Continue to implement virtual XInput device feeding.
* DInput updates.
* DirectInput classes.
* Direct input updates.
* Keyboard and mouse input updates.
* mouse and keyboard experiments
* Removes vJoy, added vBox (Virtual XBox controller), other options updated.
* Work on game scanner and updater.
* Remove outdated classes. Updated SharpDX. Changes on update/cloud.
* Updater fixes
* Check/Install updates code updated.
* Digital signature check classes added.
* App Update/Downloader added (Part 1).
* check for update form added.
* User computers and user instances sync added.
* Checksum use updated.
* Clear build scripts added.
* Moved some settings, added checksum for synchronization.
* Checksum property added.
* Download UserDevices and UsedGames games from cloud.
* Cloud download updates 2.
* Cloud download updates.
* Change DebugType to "embedded" and include source code with the DLL and EXE (will be used for crash reports).
* Update README.MD
* Web service security updated.
* Grid update multithreading issue fix.
* Cloud updates.
* Cloud form updated
* Cloud control updated.
* cloud control updated
* cloud control fix and update.
* XInput Library loading updates.
* Shared classes updated.
* Ability to show or hide options for developer/advanced user.
* Use Games panel updated, Programs options and tab added.
* Row header style fix
* Shared controls update
* Styling and controls update
* Better synchronize settings to game folder procedure. [Save All] button added.
* INI validation and settings saving.
* Map list and INI writing fixed.
* Betted game add and enable logic.
* XInput scanner performance updated (fix for adding games in the same folder) 2
* XInput scanner performance updated (fix for adding games in the same folder).
* XInput scanner performance updated (get files part).
* XInput scanner performance updated.
* Game scanner updated.
* Grid SelectionChanged workaround added.
* Games settings control update.

Download: x360ce Git (2017/12/25) x86
Download: x360ce Git (2017/12/25) x64
Source: Here


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    Can you please compile new builds?

    Thank you for your great effort.


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