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EmuCR:Xbox EmulatorsCxbx Reloaded Git (2018/01/01) is compiled. Cxbx-Reloaded is an emulator for running Microsoft Xbox (and eventually, Chihiro) games on Microsoft Windows. The project began life as a fork of Cxbx with added 64-bit support. Work is currently underway to backport some of the improvements from Dxbx. Cxbx-Reloaded is still pretty unstable, don't expect it to run much at this point.

Cxbx Reloaded Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #821 from ergo720/memory
* Patches
* Bug fixes
* Oops
* NtAllocateVirtualMemory/NtFreeVirtualMemory stubs
* Small amend
* Overlapped allocations + Chihiro/Debug stuff
* Improvements
* Tenchu crash fix
* Oops (Chihiro again)
* Chihiro and bug fixes (final?)
* Bug fixes (WIP)
* CleanUp and bug fixes (WIP)
* MmPersistContiguousMemory, MmQueryAddressProtect and MmQueryAllocationSize
* MmQueryStatistics
* Rewritten most of kernel memory functions (WIP)
* Virtual memory management implementation (WIP)

Download: Cxbx Reloaded Git (2018/01/01)
Source: Here

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  1. Pirates Of The Caribbean gets to the main menu (having read to report if it actually does something) before giving the exception code 0xC0000005 @ EIP:=0x0405477C. This has my hopes up! Keep up the good work!


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