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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2018/01/31) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #10411 from hrydgard/gl-render-manager
* Rough fix for threaded GL for Qt.
* Simpler way to deal with the GL deleter
* Fix readback color conversion
* Fix some accidental extra-indentation
* Don't crash on missing readback formats.
* Enough JNI/threading hackery to get it to run on Android! Broken readbacks make it crash alot though.
* Work towards threaded GL on Android. Now TextDrawer barfs on wrong JNI context.
* another whitespace fix
* one more whitespace fix
* whitespace cleanup
* disable the iOS thread before shutting down
* use GLRenderManager on iOS
* SDL: Oops, only start the emu thread for GLES.
* Core: Set thread names when possible.
* GLES: Fix segfault on GL 2.x.
* SDL: Allow running GL on thread.
* GLES: Handle glGetString() on GL thread.
* GPU: Fix shader blending recopying.
* GLES: Correct shader blending.
* GLES: Run ThreadFrame until frame complete.
* GLES: Fix race crash on shutdown.
* GLES: Reintroduce out of memory checks.
* GLES: Re-enable texture scaling.
* GLES: Add TODO note for shader blend texture.
* GLES: Use linear for high-res FBO tex copies.
* GLES: Report errors for link failures.
* GLES: Keep the GLRShader desc around.
* GLES: Avoid using failed depal shaders if possible.
* D3D11: Remove potentially misleading rebind func.
* GLES: Skip blend reset after stencil upload.
* GLES: Reset blend state on clear.
* Reintroduce check for GE_LOGIC_COPY
* ES2 buildfix - glGetTexImage is not available
* gl-render-manager: Fix updating sampler modes when texturing from framebuffer
* gl-render-manager: Fix HW tesselation. Remove 1D texture support, likely no benefit.
* GLES: Avoid a shutdown race condition.
* Debugger: Fix texture preview in GLES.
* GLES: Actually stop the thread on shutdown.
* Vulkan: Fix alpha clear on stencil upload.
* GLES: Consistently reset state on new steps.
* GLES: Fix intra-buffer block transfers.
* gl-render-manager: Implement logic ops
* GLES: Accept a color mask for clears.
* GLES: Prevent writing to gutter in readback.
* Vulkan: Correct zero stencil upload fast path.
* Vulkan: Fix stencil-only clear for stencil upload.
* GLES: Document stencil clearing bug.
* GLES: Move stencil upload state into render pass.
* GLES: Ensure stencil upload clear in render pass.
* GLES: Bind texture on MakePixelTexture().
* More work on shutdown, still hanging though.
* Fix for deletes, add some debugging stuff
* gl-render-manager: Now threaded mode seems to work fine (and fast!). Shutdown doesn't, though, and there are stability issues.
* OpenGL: Now run GL on a secondary thread. Sync issues remain.
* Fix use-after-free in shader error reporting
* TODOs and indentations
* StencilBufferGLES: Move SetNoBlendAndMask to the right places.
* Fix goof with the stencil buffer drawing
* GL render manager: Improve shader error reporting.
* Minor fixes, indentation and comments
* Vulkan: Use push_back instead of resize(+1)
* Truncate the '\n' from GL debug strings before logging them.
* iOS buildfix
* Move GL sampler state tracking into GLRenderManager/QueueRunner.
* More state dirtying, a comment
* Fix terrible drawing glitches when we do sync readbacks.
* Assorted cleanup
* Rip out async readbacks from FramebufferManagerGLES. They should be implemented in GLQueueRunner, differently.
* Remove the old CPU threading remains, start redesigning interfaces.
* GL render manager: Simple implementation of synchronous framebuffer readbacks.
* Remove viewport flipping where it's not needed
* GL render manager: Add some more dirty tracking.
* GL render manager: Merge BindInputLayout into BindVertexBuffer.
* Fix bug, works on Android now. Don't reuse textures.
* Run the depal stuff, seems a bit broken. Add some state filtering.
* Scissor fix
* Fix showing savestate screenshots (needed mips)
* Make sure we set GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL somewhere.
* Fix some texture memory bugs (yeah need to make copies..)
* gl-render-manager: Need to actually bind newly created textures.
* GL render manager: Various fixes and cleanup including a buffered rendering fix, rect primitive fix
* Start moving the framebuffer stuff over to the render manager
* Fix more gl-render-manager problems
* Kill off the GL state cache
* Delete the gl name cache (might resurrect it on the GLQueueRunner side if needed later). Other cleanup and fixes.
* Initial texture work. Bugfix indexed drawing
* More GLRenderManager
* Start messing with the draw engine...
* Finish the shader manager (almost)
* PushBuffer added. Thin3d works now on top of GLRenderManager, except framebuffers.
* Fix clears and textures. Things still broken due to memory overwrites.
* First garbage graphics output!
* Even more gl-render-manager
* More gl-render-manager
* More work on gl-render-manager
* Begin implementing GLQueueRunner and GLRenderManager
* Minor: Make the Vulkan allocator debug visualizer slightly better looking by adding a border.


Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/01/31) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/01/31) Android
Source: Here

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