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EmuCR:Classic99 Classic99 v399 is released. Classic99 is a freeware TI-99/4A emulator for Windows 9x.

Classic99 runs most stuff fine:
- More filesystem debug
- Added ability to set Program Counter (disasm page)
- Added better description of file header mismatch
- Added better detection of TIFILES header
- Fixed broken host text file fixed/variable determination
- Commented out speech and dac warning debugs (they don't help)
- Print one less debug line to window to avoid last line being masked

Classic99 v399 Changelog:
updated manual
updated to Visual Studio 2017
added CS1 read support
flagged manifest as hidpi aware
fixes for 9901 timer handling, found via CS1 in BASIC and EasyBug
fix for


Download: Classic99 v399
Source: Here

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