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EmuCR: Angrylion RDP PlusAngrylion RDP Plus Git (2018/02/20) is complied. This is a conservative fork of angrylion's RDP plugin that aims to add new features while retaining the accuracy of the original plugin.

Angrylion RDP Plus features:
* More maintainable code base by dividing the huge n64video.cpp into smaller pieces.
* Improved portability by separating the emulator plugin interface and window management from the RDP emulation core.
* Multi-threaded rendering support, which increases performance on multi-core CPUs significantly.
* Replaced deprecated DirectDraw interface with a modern OpenGL 3.3 implementation.
* Added manual window sizing.
* Added fullscreen support.
* Added BMP screenshot support.
* Added settings GUI.
* Slightly improved interlacing performance.

Angrylion RDP Plus Changelog:
* Using primary screen dimensions instead of virtual
* Wait for all workers in constructor, not just one
* Fixed a rare std::bad_function_call exception
* Removed buffer clearing code on VI mode changes

Download: Angrylion RDP Plus Git (2018/02/20) x86
Download: Angrylion RDP Plus Git (2018/02/20) x64

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  1. This doesn't show up in the plugins. I tried the x64 version and no luck.


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