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EmuCR:Xbox EmulatorsCxbx Reloaded Git (2018/02/05) is compiled. Cxbx-Reloaded is an emulator for running Microsoft Xbox (and eventually, Chihiro) games on Microsoft Windows. The project began life as a fork of Cxbx with added 64-bit support. Work is currently underway to backport some of the improvements from Dxbx. Cxbx-Reloaded is still pretty unstable, don't expect it to run much at this point.

Cxbx Reloaded Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #905 from PatrickvL/SmallStuff
* Attempt to fix line-ending difference
* Fix compile after rebase
* Kernel : Forward NtAllocateVirtualMemory and NtFreeVirtualMemory to XbAllocateVirtualMemory and XbFreeVirtualMemory.
* VMManager : Removed XbAllocateVirtualMemoryReal and XbFreeVirtualMemoryReal, instead marked bStub argument as default false.
* Prevent zero-alignment (and remove needless newline from EmuWarning calls)
* Forgot a break, that broke all contiguous allocations... ahum.
* Fix merge-conflicts while merging branch upstream 'master' into SmallStuff
* Merge pull request #845 from LukeUsher/PCI
* PCI : Move Xbox hardware initialization towards it's own file
* X86 : One extra OUT marker
* X86 : Refactored retrieval of operand addresses, allowing early detection of writes to immediate values (which are now logged and marked as an opcode-handling failure).
* X86 : EmuX86_Addr_Read can just return it's resultant value.
* X86 : Only fail opcode handling if operands can't be decoded.
* D3D : Prevent crashing on cube textures entering EmuUnswizzleTextureStages
* X86 : Like before, gracefully ignore unaligned accesses
* Simplified child-process debugging
* X86 Nv2A : Use consistent sizes. Also fixed succeeding OUT opcode.
* X86 :
* X86 : Merged al mem writes into one EmuX86_Mem_Write
* X86 : Merged al mem reads into one EmuX86_Mem_Read
* X86 : Avoid size-diverging (and later re-merging) of IO read and write calls
* NVNet : Corrected bar order and a typo
* NVNet : Converted into a PCI device
* X86 belongs in Hardware project-filter too.
* PCIDevice : Disabled unused symbols
* PCIBus : Made IOWriteConfigAddress(), IOWriteConfigData() and IOReadConfigData() private, by moving their calls towards the PCIBus itself.
* SMC : Added LED sequences and HardwareModel, simplified PICVersionString
* SMC : Added notes from Ergo720
* HalReadSMBusValue & HalWriteSMBusValue : Check for success
* SMC : Renamed device from PIC16LC (since we're only emulating it at a functional level, not low level).
* Fleshed out SMC (PIC16LC) device
* PIC16LC (SMC) device stub added
* SMBus : Moved device-calls into ExecuteTransaction
* SMBus / SMDevice : Change QuickCommand 'read' argument into a bool
* Fix an issue with MMIO decoding
* EEPROMDevice : Applied Luke's code review comments
* Route HalReadSMBusValue and HalWriteSMBusValue through SMBus device
* Introduced EEPROM device
* PCIDevice : Fixed two off-by-one errors, and a small iterator-optimization.
* SMBus : Implemented all device-forwarding functions
* Oops
* Fix issues with MMIO
* Add PCI/SMBus classes/base devices.
* Remove unused device.h/device.cpp
* Fix an issue where HalReadWritePCISpace would not write to the correct addresses.
* Merge pull request #844 from x1nixmzeng/hle-cache-hash
* Added notes on the chosen hash
* Added notes on the chosen hash
* Updated to use a modern array size method
* Removed OOVPA count suffix
* Hash the HLECache table
* Updated HLEData to store the table count, not size
* Kernel header page should have EXECUTE protection (thanks for the sharp eye Ergo720)
* Kernel : More often log protection flags as string
* Introduced CheckMmProtectFlags, used in MmAllocateContiguousMemoryEx and MmSetAddressProtect
* Updated logging
* Fixed DEBUG build
* Protect : Prevent VirtualProtect'ing invalid permissions
* Introduced the notion of PageType's
* Replace `MemoryManager` by `VMManager` also in comments and disabled code
* EMUPATCH(D3DDevice_CreatePalette2) : Call xboxkrnl::MmAllocateContiguousMemory instead of underlying g_VMManager
* Default page protection for contiguous memory shouldn't include EXECUTE rights
* Invert bNonContiguous arguments to make them slightly easier to understand
* Fixed typos

Download: Cxbx Reloaded Git (2018/02/05)
Source: Here

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  1. Ребята вы реально заебали нихуя не работает не эмулирует игры ! такое впечатления вы все дрочите и дрочите эмулятор по кругу и нехуя у вас не получаться , на дворе 2018 год эмулятор pcs3 уже 100 игр работают на ура , а у вас пару игр это что за тупые разработчики!

  2. ебетись уже 15 лет так и не натрахаетесь)), может вы извращенцы исправлять код раз в год!
    ни прогресса ни запуска ничего ! пиздец , за это время эмулятор PPSSPP, Rpcs3 CEMU !!! пиздец ребята ау!!!


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