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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X (2018/02/28) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox v0.74. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Updated ramdisk formatting code to better match FAT12/FAT16
specifications and limits (Shane32)
Menu items related to Gravis Ultrasound, Glide emulation, Innova SID,
and other IBM PC-specific options are now grayed out in PC-98 mode.
Updated Windows menus to gray out CPU core and type options that
are invalid. Selecting a prefetch CPU type while core dynamic is
no longer possible, and selecting dynamic core while using a
prefetch cpu type is no longer possible.
CPU type submenu in Windows updated to reflect all types supported
by DOSBox-X including 8086 and 286 cores.
Fixed E_Exit() crash on Windows in PDCurses endwin() that only
happens if you had never brought up the debugger console window.
Minor oddities with OPNA stereo panning resolved.
Sound Blaster, Adlib, and PC-98 FM emulation now reset state
correctly when the reset signal is given to avoid stuck notes.
Fixed BIOS logo in PC-98 mode to properly reset the graphics mode
so that the logo is visible.
Added Windows menu items to control PC-98 GDC speed, 4-partition enable,
200-line "scanline" effect enable, and PIT timer clock control.
Added "Restart DOS" command to the Windows menu, with code to
allow it only if at the initial DOS shell.
Added "multi-track WAV" command to the Windows menu, under Capture
Added "reset system" command to the Windows menu
"Restart" menu command updated to clarify that it restarts DOSBox-X entirely.
OpenGL HQ output removed.
Commands to force driver (DirectX or WINDIB) removed.
Default disk I/O limit raised to more reasonable speeds.
FM code borrowed from Neko Project II now compiles on Mac OS X
IMGMOUNT now supports mounting a RAM drive (using -t ram) (Shane32)
Direct3D fullscreen aspect ratio fixes, especially for
monitors with a 5:4 aspect ratio (such as 1280x1024) (Shane32)
"Show menu" in Windows builds system menu is now a toggle
to show/hide the menu bar (Shane32)
Fixed broken color palette with CGA composite and EGA
machine emulation. Composite CGA and machine=ega displays
properly again.
According to documentation, IBM PC and PC-98 use different
initial PC speaker frequencies. Update the code to match.
8254 I/O port alias at 3FD9h-3FDFh added, which is needed
for several PC-98 games that program the PC speaker
frequency through those ports instead of through 71h-77h
New Intel 8255 emulation. PC-98 system 8255 emulation
now uses this emulation, along with PC speaker emulation.
Fixed XMS memory copy functions to enable the A20
gate so extended memory copies work correctly whether
or not the DOS application in question made the call
with A20 enabled. This fixes crashes and memory
corruption while installing Windows 3.1 using SETUP.EXE.
"CLS" now sends the proper ANSI escapes to clear the
console in PC-98 mode.
BIOS logo in PC-98 fixed to clear graphics RAM and
set graphics back to 8-color digital mode when booting
to DOS. This should fix palette errors and color issues
with older PC-98/PC-88 games that use the 8-color
graphics modes.
Added PC-98 INT 1Ch timer interval BIOS function,
and timer countdown routine in IRQ 0.
Windows builds now incorporate pdcurses and enable
the debugger interface (bulletshot60)
DOSBox-X now tracks the systemwide keyboard layout
on Windows, and acts on user changes to the keyboard
and language in the system.
Removed hack code in SDL 1.x that sets DOSBox-X's
keyboard layout to the US layout even if the host
uses anything else.
Fix CPU cycles count increment not to nag you to use
core=dynamic if a) dynamic core is not available or
b) you're already using dynamic core.
Added dynamic core back, it seems to be very stable
PC-98 FM board now allows changing the base I/O port
and IRQ (interrupt) line used by the card.
PC-98 mode now supports joystick emulation. Joystick
input is mapped through the DOSBox mapper to the
PC-98 FM board where DOS games expect to see it.
Added dosbox.conf option to select which PC-98 FM
board to emulate.
Fixed PC-98 FM code to enable the ADPCM and Rhythm
FM channels.
Re-ported Neko Project II FM board emulation, this
time keeping the code intact and keeping the separate
board emulations intact for PC-98 mode.
VGA palette errors with Crystal Dream II fixed.
PC-98 FM synthesis fixed not to initialize itself
again when rebooting, which fixes a problem with
garbled FM synthesis after rebooting.
Removed some now-unnecessary SDL Video quit/init
calls from Windows builds.
machine=pc98 now starts entire emulation in PC-98
mode instead of booting up in IBM PC mode and
switching to PC-98 mode.
Initial "BIOS" startup screen now operates in
PC-98 mode when machine=pc98.
Prefetch core debug code now disabled at compile
time. Seems to be stable so far.
Prefetch core now emulates partial load of the
prefetch buffer on miss, and completing the buffer
fill on hit, to better emulate (probable) 80486
486_prefetch is now a valid cputype setting, despite
the setting having existed for years in the source
code. Prior to this fix, 486_prefetch was ignored.

Download: DOSBox-X (2018/02/28)
Source: Here

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