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EmuCR: RyujinxRyujinx Git (2018/04/26) is complied. Ryujinx is a Experimental Switch emulator written in C#. Don't expect much from this. Some homebrew apps works, and Tetris shows the intro logos (sometimes) but that's about it for now. Contributions are always welcome.

Ryujinx Git changelog:
* Remove thread from the threads list when it finishes, remove debug code
* Update AOpCodeTable.cs (#108)
* Add Cls_V, Clz_V, Orn_V instructions. Add 18 Tests: And_V, Bic_V, Bif_V, Bit_V, Bsl_V, Cls_V, Clz_V, Orn_V, Orr_V. (#104)
* Some small sync primitive fixes, logging fixes, started to implement the 2D engine on the GPU, fixed DrawArrays, implemented a few more shader instructions, made a start on nvdrv refactor, etc...
* Update ISystemSettingsServer.cs (#107)

Download: Ryujinx Git (2018/04/26)

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