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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-7892 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git changelog:
* Merge pull request #7026 from lioncash/name
* JitAsmCommon: Make CommonAsmRoutinesBase a struct
* JitAsmCommon: Amend member variable names for CommonAsmRoutinesBase
* Merge pull request #7025 from lioncash/integrity
* VolumeWii: Use ReadSwapped for retrieving the partition data size in CheckIntegrity()
* Merge pull request #7020 from sepalani/ida-scripts
* Tools: Dolphin symbol map IDA scripts added
* Merge pull request #7024 from lioncash/discio
* VolumeGC/VolumeWii: Dehardcode sizes where applicable
* Merge pull request #7021 from akien-mga/cmake-pugixml
* CMake: Fix case in FindPugixml resulting in false negative
* Merge pull request #7017 from lioncash/arm
* Arm64Emitter: Use Common::BitCast where applicable
* Merge pull request #7022 from akien-mga/gcc6-nested-namespaces
* CMake: Increase minimum GCC version to 6.0
* Merge pull request #7023 from lioncash/discio
* Volume/VolumeGC/VolumeWii: Amend variable naming
* Merge pull request #7010 from leoetlino/can-of-worms
* Don't switch to blank NAND in the middle of emulation
* Merge pull request #7016 from lioncash/mem
* MemoryPatches: In-class initialize is_enabled state for MemoryPatch instances
* MemoryPatches: std::move std::vector in the constructor
* Merge pull request #7015 from lioncash/pcap
* PcapFile: Namespace code under the Common namespace
* Merge pull request #7014 from lioncash/const
* DSPEmulator: Make the IsLLE() member function const-qualified
* Merge pull request #7013 from degasus/double2single
* Merge pull request #7018 from spycrab/qt_confirm_dialog
* Qt/GeneralWidget: Add icon and title to the backend switch confirm dialog
* Merge pull request #7011 from spycrab/qt_jit_instant
* Qt/MenuBar: Fix JIT Menu options not being applied instantly
* Merge pull request #7012 from spycrab/qt_always_connected
* Qt/Mapping: Include "Always connected" option
* Merge pull request #7007 from spycrab/qt_gecko_sort
* Qt/GeckoCodeWidget: Autosort list and fix accessing the wrong element
* Merge pull request #7008 from spycrab/ddos_sux
* Core/GeckoCodeConfig: Circumvent DDOS protection
* Common/HttpRequest: Add option to set cookies
* Merge pull request #7009 from lioncash/dsp
* DSPEmulator: Default destructor in the cpp file

Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-7892 x64
Download: Dolphin Git 5.0-7892 Android
Source: HereDolphin Git 5.0-2877

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