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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x Git (2018/05/04) is compiled. Snes9x is a portable, freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator. It basically allows you to play most games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or Workstation; which includes some real gems that were only ever released in Japan. Snes9x is the result of well over three years worth of part-time hacking, coding, recoding, debugging, divorce, etc. (just kidding about the divorce bit). Snes9x is coded in C++, with three assembler CPU emulation cores on the i386 Linux and Windows ports.

Snes9x Git changelog:
* Update Win32 icon.
* Updated icon Gtk+.
* Merge pull request #283 from snes9xgit/newcheats
* gfx.cpp: memset less memory at once for FirstSprite+Y, accelerating sprite rendering if not all lines have sprites.
* Use level value for S9xUpdateDynamicRate to just report SoundInputRate change.
* Disable Dynamic Rate Control in Gtk+ port by default.
* Add automatic input rate checkbox. Use as default.
* Mandate XRandR libraries and headers.
* Fix reset of NMI pending flag.
* win32: hidpi awareness fixes
* Fix directory search for cheat database.
* win32: add delete all button
* win32: add search database button, increase dialog size
* win32: updates to cheat dialog handling
* Use .bml instead of .cht. Add fallbacks where loading.
* win32: move S9xCheatsEnable to PostRomInit
* Remove doubled S9xInitCheatData
* Create cheat group only once
* win32: changes to GUI cheat handling
* Fix a couple bugs. Change cheats on unix to work like they used to.
* Set bypass compositor bit on drawing window.
* Rework XRandR support to list all modes and refresh rates.
* Try to turn off compositor in full-screen.
* Use GTK_MAJOR_VERSION macro instead of custom one.
* Allow --with-gtk2 to disable GTK+ 3.
* Add mightymo cheat database in bml format.
* More cheats stuff.
* Whitespace cleanup.
* Updated for Windows support.
* Fix libretro cheats.
* Update with current byte.
* Fall back to old format if new one doesn't parse.
* Various fixes. Allow global disabling of cheats.
* Revamping cheats support.

EmuCR: Snes9x

Download: Snes9x Git (2018/05/04) x86
Download: Snes9x Git (2018/05/04) x64
Source: Here

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