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EmuCR: ANESE ANESE Git (2018/06/13) is released. ANESE (Another NES Emulator) is a Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator being written for fun and learning. While accuracy is a long-term goal, ANESE’s primary goal is to play some of the more popular titles. As of now, most basic Mappers have been implemented, so popular titles should be working! :smile: ANESE is built with cross-platform in mind, and is regularly built on all major platforms (macOS, Windows, and Linux). ANESE doesn’t use any vendor-specific language extensions, and is compiled with strict compiler flags. It is also linted (fairly) regularly. ANESE strives for clean and interesting C++11 code, with an emphasis on readability and maintainability. With that said, performance is important, but it’s not ANESE’s primary focus.

ANESE Git changelog:
* added demo rom (2048) to releases
* fixed windows build - stupid Windows.h >:(
* fix crashing appbundle macOS
* added a SDL filepicking UI
* finished initial clenaup of SDL2 frontend
* shuffling files around, prep for main.cc cleanup
* upload macOS bundles to GDrive
* correct sprite fetch timings - MMC2 works now!
* minor README tweaks
* added macOS bundle creation to `make install`
* updated README, and removed Ubuntu build from appveyor
* added travis ci
* add appveyor CI
* fix minor build issue
* cleanups and refactors
* windows fixes
* tried to implement Mapper 9 (Punch Out!!) + small .sav refactor
* cleanup serialization + fix savestates (save more data)
* almost fully fixed serialization on windows
* Save States Work!

Download: ANESE Git (2018/06/13)

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