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EmuCR: PPSSPPPPSSPP Git (2018/06/08) is compiled. PPSSPP is a fast and portable PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, written in C++.

PPSSPP Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #11158 from Enverex/patch-1
* Add missing include
* Merge pull request #11152 from unknownbrackets/debugger-http
* http: Move web server to core and use flags.
* thread: Add a simple thread executor.
* http: Correct WebSocket close when code missing.
* http: Use a buffer for WebSocket output.
* http: Allow selecting a WebSocket subprotocol.
* http: Allow fragmented data for WebSocket.
* http: Add a simple WebSocket server class.
* http: Add some operations to avoid blocking.
* Merge pull request #11155 from unknownbrackets/ipv6
* net: Use WSAAddressToString for Windows XP.
* Merge pull request #11148 from unknownbrackets/debugger-arm
* jit: Remove unused breakpoint code.
* armjit: Enable breakpoints.
* arm64jit: Enable breakpoints.
* Debugger: Run memory breakpoints on mobile.
* Core: Remove sleep on stepping.
* Core: Wake up inactive waits on game exit.
* Debugger: Fix initialization issues.
* Core: Process stepping on other platforms.
* Core: Refactor stepping and locking.


Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/06/08) x86
Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/06/08) x64
Download: PPSSPP Git (2018/06/08) Android
Source: Here

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