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EmuCR: ANESE ANESE v0.0.48 is released. ANESE (Another NES Emulator) is a Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator being written for fun and learning. While accuracy is a long-term goal, ANESE’s primary goal is to play some of the more popular titles. As of now, most basic Mappers have been implemented, so popular titles should be working! :smile: ANESE is built with cross-platform in mind, and is regularly built on all major platforms (macOS, Windows, and Linux). ANESE doesn’t use any vendor-specific language extensions, and is compiled with strict compiler flags. It is also linted (fairly) regularly. ANESE strives for clean and interesting C++11 code, with an emphasis on readability and maintainability. With that said, performance is important, but it’s not ANESE’s primary focus.

ANESE changelog:
re-enterant scenes!
wowie this was a trickyboi to figure out, but I think I managed to
get a decent-working solution.

The algorithm consists of 2 parts: 1) detecting scene transitions,
and 2) figuring out if the new scene is a duplicate.

Part 1) was solved using perceptual hashing, and watching the delta
of the frame hash between frames. When it spikes, odds are that's a
scene change.

Part 2) was a bit trickier, but boils down to hashing every frame
and associating it with a scene + scroll values. That way, when a
scene transition is detected, I can check the hash-maps to see if
the "new" frame is actually one I've seen before.
There is a bit of extra work that gets the technique working with
elaborate fade-in animations / animated backgrounds, but it's not
magic or anything.

What's left?

Well, 1) needs to be improved, since the current delta threshold
value i'm using has been pulled out of thin air, and while it gives
reasonable results on many games, ideally, it should be more robust

2) is pretty good though!

All that I need to do now to be super happy with it is serialize
the scene data and enable loading / saving it to disk! Once that's
done, the initial vision of being able to automatically map out a
game will have come true!


Download: ANESE v0.0.48

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