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EmuCR: RyujinxRyujinx Git (2018/07/15) is complied. Ryujinx is a Experimental Switch emulator written in C#. Don't expect much from this. Some homebrew apps works, and Tetris shows the intro logos (sometimes) but that's about it for now. Contributions are always welcome.

Ryujinx Git changelog:
* Fix EmitHighNarrow(), EmitSaturatingNarrowOp() when Rd == Rn || Rd == Rm (& Part != 0). Optimization of EmitVectorTranspose(), EmitVectorUnzip(), EmitVectorZip() algorithms (reduction of the number of operations and their complexity). Add 12 Tests about Trn1/2, Uzp1/2, Zip1/2 (V) instructions. (#268)
* Fix RevMagic on audren
* Remove outdated comment
* Small nit on GetAudioRendererWorkBufferSize
* Add support for ioctl2, SetTimeout and KickoffPbWithAttr (#261)
* Audio Renderer improvements (#210)
* Improve CountLeadingZeros() algorithm, nits. (#219)
* Allow using ulong max value as yield (#263)
* Add SMLSL, SQRSHRN and SRSHR (Vector) cpu instructions, nits (#225)
* Some small shader related fixes (#258)

Download: Ryujinx Git (2018/07/15)

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