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EmuCR:Xbox EmulatorsXQEMU Git (2018/09/27) is compiled. XQEMU is a open source, cross-platform emulator for the original Xbox (and Sega Chihiro). It is currently in very early stages of development. XQEMU is built on-top of QEMU.

XQEMU Git Changelog
* haxm: Skip unconditional marking of pages as dirty
* haxm: Add hax_ram_block_removed notify handler
* hvf: Fix bug that fails to find slot on border.
* Fix emulator hang during adb reboot. Bug 69798912
* asan: hvf: fix overflow in decode struct
* initial i386 hvf
* Fix Mac Hypervisor Framework Crash Issue. The crash is caused by incorrect instruction emulation by QEMU hvf, which resulted in a ruined register that was not supposed to touch.

Download: XQEMU Git (2018/09/27)
Source: Here

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