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EmuCR: WiiUDecaf Git (2018/10/18) is compiled. Decaf (originally called WiiU-EMU) is a researching Wii U emulation. The Wii U is a home video game console created by Nintendo and the successor to the Wii.

Decaf Git Changelog:
* vulkan: Fixed some slight formatting errors.
* vulkan: Update lastHashedIndex if hashing matches on data buffers.
* vulkan: Fix surfaces being rehashed more than needed.
* spirv: Implemented GET_TEXTURE_INFO instruction.
* spirv: Fixed some compiler warnings.
* spirv: Corrected issue with addressing register behaviour.
* spirv: Implemented MULLO instructions.
* cafe/gx2: Fix GX2InitSampler.
* Fix pm4 type0 register id.
* Move cafe::nn::Result to nn::Result.
* pm4-replay: Increase ringbuffer size.
* spirv: Implemented missing FLOOR instruction.
* vulkan: Handle partially premultiplied targets.
* vulkan: Use config to enable/disable vulkan debug features.
* vulkan: Added assertions for use of unsupported PM4 commands.
* vulkan: Cleaned up sampler generation code.
* vulkan: Elide illegal draw commands.
* spirv: Correctly incorrect unsigned norm decoding.
* spirv: Fixed attribute buffer elements not being decoded.
* spirv: Fixed issue where input buffers W value defaulted to 0.
* spirv: Fix BitfieldExtract being passed the wrong parameter types.
* vulkan: Fixed issue with default color write masking.
* vulkan: Added support for stencil buffers.
* spirv: Handle stack indexes being handled incorrectly.
* vulkan: Improved surface handling substantially.
* spirv: Fixed issue with uint4 shader outputs.
* vulkan: Correctly include disabled attachments in renderpasses.
* gpu: Use SQ_TILE_TYPE instead of isDepthBuffer.
* vulkan: Improved logging and reporting behaviours.
* common: Added some platform-specific debugging functions.
* vulkan: Fix sampler depth compares being enabled in error.
* vulkan: Update compare texture reads to put 0 in W.
* vulkan: Improved framebuffer attachment determination.
* vulkan: Added support for surface copying.
* vulkan: Added support for FETCH4 texture gathering.
* vulkan: Added support for integer-based framebuffers.
* vulkan: Fixed bug with type checking.
* vulkan: Use framebuffer to decide renderArea instead of scissor.
* vulkan: Added renderPass to pipeline description.
* vulkan: Fixed issue where some depth formats were depth capable.
* vulkan: Changed shader dump code address to be hex.
* vulkan: Fixed an uninitialized variable.
* vulkan: Implemented most of the texturing instructions.
* vulkan: Fixed bswap8in16 to actually work with 16-bit integers.
* vulkan: Fixed register writes to be delayed on the ALU group.
* gx2: Fix issue where PS_INPUT was assigned incorrect ids.
* vulkan: Added support for additional depth buffer formats.
* vulkan: Update drawing to cancel if it would be illegal.
* vulkan: Added support for CUBEMAP textures.
* vulkan: Added a few more SPIRV operations.
* vulkan: Fixed bug with some input attribute types.
* spirv: Add support for POSITION_ENA aka FragCoord.
* spirv: Redo some of the loop stuff.
* vulkan: Added basic support for looping in SPIRV generator.
* vulkan: Implemented support for uniform buffer based shaders.
* vulkan: Fixed error in default value generation.
* vulkan: Implemented DOT4_IEEE for SPIRV generator.
* vulkan: Correct error in cbuffer variable creation.
* vulkan: Improved depth bias handling.
* vulkan: Made equality-based alpha testing more resilient.
* vulkan: Fix Z and Y corrections in SPIRV shaders.
* vulkan: Added support for rasterization logic ops.
* vulkan: Implement polygon drawing modes.
* vulkan: Added support for line widths.
* vulkan: Only debug report if the extension is enabled.
* vulkan: Fixed a bunch of ALU OP2's not using their second parameter.
* vulkan: Fix issue with SPIRV stack using wrong storage classes.
* vulkan: Keep all staging buffers persistently mapped.
* vulkan: Added pooling of descriptor sets.
* vulkan: Added pooling of staging buffers.
* vulkan: Fixed miss-named variable in draw handling.
* vulkan: Added debugger UI performance counters.
* vulkan: Added cacheing of attribute buffers.
* vulkan: Fixed issue with number of active uniform buffers.
* vulkan: Added PM4 CB tracking to avoid unneeded rehashing.

Download: Decaf Git (2018/10/18)
Source: Here

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