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EmuCR: XeniaXenia Git (2018/11/21) is compiled. Xenia is an experimental emulator for the Xbox 360. It does not run games (yet).

Xenia Status:
Some real games run. Most don't. See the Game compatibility list for currently tracked games and feel free to contribute your own updates, screenshots, and information there following the existing conventions.

Xenia Git Changelog:
* [CPU] Handle NaN in fctidxx, fctiwxx.
* [Kernel] Simplify RtlNtStatusToDosError logging.
* [Kernel] Fix Travis whining.
* [Kernel] Oops.
* [Kernel] Move xboxkrnl_threading to new shim convention.
* [Kernel] Move xam_ui to new shim convention.
* [Kernel] Add command-line flag to toggle XEX patching.
* [Kernel] Add a note to previous commit.
* [Kernel] Set default license mask when available in XamContentCreateEx.
* [Kernel] Tag XamContentGetLicenseMask as high frequency.
* [Kernel] Move xam_content to new shim convention.
* [Kernel] Fix a minor typo.
* [CPU/Kernel] Cleanup and rework of how kernel exports are declared.
* [Kernel] Update XamContentOpenFile argument names.
* Merge pull request #1226 from chris-hawley/master
* [CPU] Implement lmw and stmw instructions
* [Kernel] Implement MmAllocatePhysicalMemory.

Download: Xenia Git (2018/11/21)
Source: Here

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