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EmuCR: yuzuyuzu Git (2018/11/24) is complied. yuzu is a work-in-progress Nintendo Switch emulator. yuzu is an open-source project, licensed under the GPLv2 (or any later version). yuzu has been designed with portability in mind, with builds available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. The project was started in spring of 2017 by bunnei, one of the original authors of the popular Citra 3DS emulator, to experiment with and research the Nintendo Switch. Due to the similarities between Switch and 3DS, yuzu was developed as a fork of Citra. This means that it uses the same project architecture, and both emulators benefit from shared improvements. During the early months of development, work was done in private, and progress was slow. However, as Switch reverse-engineering and homebrew development became popular, work on yuzu began to take off as well.

yuzu Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #1641 from DarkLordZach/sm-register-unregister
* sm: Implement RegisterService and UnregisterService
* Merge pull request #1731 from DarkLordZach/change-dir-crash
* filesystem: Clear registered union paths on factory creation
* Merge pull request #1725 from FernandoS27/gl43
* Removed pre 4.3 ARB extensions
* Update OpenGL's backend version from 3.3 to 4.3
* Merge pull request #1785 from Tinob/master
* Add support for clear_flags register
* Merge pull request #1692 from Hedges/GDBClean
* GDBStub improvements:
* Merge pull request #1708 from ogniK5377/res-scale
* Removed hard coded values for width and height
* Report resolution scaling support for vi and am
* Merge pull request #1747 from DarkLordZach/exefs-lfs
* patch_manager: Show LayeredExeFS patch in add-ons column
* patch_manager: Apply LayeredExeFS patches
* settings: Add option to dump ExeFS of games upon launch
* Merge pull request #1769 from ReinUsesLisp/cc
* gl_shader_decompiler: Add a message for unimplemented cc generation
* gl_shader_decompiler: Rename internal flag strings
* gl_shader_decompiler: Rename control codes to condition codes
* Merge pull request #1744 from degasus/shader_cache
* shader_cache: Only lock covered instructions.
* Merge pull request #1741 from lioncash/kbd
* yuzu/applets/software_keyboard: Override accept() and reject() instead of providing own differently named member functions
* yuzu/applets/software_keyboard: std::move std::function instances where applicable
* yuzu/applets/software_keyboard: Make slots private functions
* Merge pull request #1770 from DarkLordZach/applet-stub
* am: Return StubApplet instead of nullptr when AppletId not found
* applets: Add StubApplet
* Merge pull request #1777 from lioncash/core-mgr
* core: Relocate CPU core management to its own class
* Merge pull request #1773 from lioncash/thread
* common/thread: Drop Hungarian notation on SetCurrentThreadName's parameter
* common/thread: Make Barrier's 'count' member non-const
* common/thread: Initialize class member variables where applicable
* common/thread: Group non-member functions together
* common/thread: Remove SleepCurrentThread()
* common/thread: Remove unused CurrentThreadId()
* Added predicate comparison LessEqualWithNan (#1736)
* Merge pull request #1756 from ReinUsesLisp/fix-textures
* gl_shader_decompiler: Fix register overwriting on texture calls
* Merge pull request #1766 from FernandoS27/fix-txq
* Properly Implemented TXQ Instruction
* Merge pull request #1762 from bunnei/getgputime
* nvhost_ctrl_gpu: Implement IoctlGetGpuTime.

Download: yuzu Git (2018/11/24)

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