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EmuCR: CitraCitra Git (2019/02/26) is released. This is the trunk of Citra Project. Citra is an experimental open-source Nintendo 3DS emulator/debugger written in C++. At this time, it only emulates a very small subset of 3DS hardware, and therefore is only useful for booting/debugging very simple homebrew demos. Citra is licensed under the GPLv2. Refer to the license.txt file included.

Citra Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #4608 from wwylele/sharedmem-circular
* Kernel/SharedMemory: make owner_process a raw pointer
* Merge pull request #4645 from FearlessTobi/port-2116
* threadsafe_queue: Use std::size_t for representing size
* threadsafe_queue: Remove NeedSize template parameter
* Merge pull request #4630 from wwylele/memory-no-lock
* Memory: don't lock hle mutex in memory read/write
* Merge pull request #4632 from zhaowenlan1779/socu
* service/soc_u: address review comments
* service/soc_u: Implement getaddrinfo and getnameinfo
* Merge pull request #4629 from FearlessTobi/bunnei-fooled-me
* bit_field: Remove is_pod check, add is_trivially_copyable_v.
* bit_field: Make all methods constexpr.
* Merge pull request #4617 from wwylele/hle-service-clean
* Service: clear IPC header for unimplemented function stub
* HLE/IPC: pass in kernel & memory reference from parent to avoid global state reference
* ServerSession: replace GetPointer with block copy for HLE translation
* HLE/IPC: move command buffer translation into kernel as TODO says
* Merge pull request #4616 from wwylele/core-global-clean
* tests/audio_core: remove hack for system objects
* ARM: pass MemorySystem separately in the constructor and make System optional
* Memory: replace Core::CPU
* Kernel/IPC: use MemorySystem from parameter
* Kernel: replace usage of Core::System::GetInstance().PrepareReschedule() with callback
* Kernel: replace usage of Core::System::GetInstance()::Timing()
* kernel/thread: replace usage of Core::CPU()
* ldr_ro: replace usage of Core::CPU()

Download: Citra Git (2019/02/26) x64
Download: Citra Canary Git (2019/02/26) x64
Source: Here


  1. When are the Android builds coming?
    And can someone compile the latest Sachin build please


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