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EmuCR: SupermodelSupermodel SVN r768 is compiled. Supermodel is a Sega Model 3 arcade emulator. Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to play a number of ground-breaking 3D classics on your PC.

Supermodel SVN Changelog:
Fix the audio in sega rally2. The game has packed separate tracks into the left and right audio channels. Selecting the correct track fixes the garbled mess. (Spindizzi)

Download: Supermodel SVN r768 x86
Download: Supermodel SVN r768 x64
Source: Here

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  1. sound isnt fixed for me? is there something i have to do?

  2. same as me mat , was wondering the same thing. still garbled maybe more so now

  3. me too, still garbled


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