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EmuCR: SupermodelSupermodel SVN r775 is compiled. Supermodel is a Sega Model 3 arcade emulator. Supermodel emulates Sega's Model 3 arcade platform, allowing you to play a number of ground-breaking 3D classics on your PC.

Supermodel SVN Changelog:
Fix possible negative pointer arithmetic which was causing the music to wrap around.
Update makefiles
Previous mpeg audio code worked for me in debug mode, but the release build had some serious corruption issues when being built in visual studio. Replaced the old spaghetti code with a more modern implementation.
- Disabled Alt-O (dump timings) and Alt-U (dump input state) when SUPERMODEL_DEBUGGER not defined - Option '-print-inputs' works again if no ROM set specified

Download: Supermodel SVN r775 x86
Download: Supermodel SVN r775 x64
Source: Here


  1. version 10/12/2018 is still better, better sound for sega rally 2 too


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