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EmuCR: Vita3KVita3K Git (2019/05/20) is complied. Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

Vita3K Git Changelog:
* gui: Misc changes. (#477)
* gl: Don't use glbinding-aux on Release mode.
* build/windows: Ask user for vs17/vs19 version.
* Merge pull request #456 from pent0/perjury
* shader: run format (#3)
* Merge pull request #1 from 1whatleytay/bw-and-others
* shader: add bitwise bitcast for floats
* shader: fix VMOVC register OOB and C++ casts
* shader: implement vbw and some movc
* shader/translator: add set line where it's missing
* shader: Handle lowest swizzle bit with non-F32 type
* shader: Implement SMLSI
* shader/translator: Returning shift favor when bridge
* shader/translator: Insert writeable register initalization at the main block
* renderer/uniforms: Handle component count 2 array size 1
* shader: Pass operand reference to decode function
* shader/translator: Fill in out comp offset when loading writeable register variant
* shader/translator: Add dummy vector to fill bridge gap
* shader: Check for null bank before proceed loading
* shader: Log spir-v text and disasm text
* shader/translator: Optimize loading F16
* shader/tests: Adjust
* shader/translator: Keep getting left register until it contains lowest swizzle channel
* shader: Optimize to loading left reg
* shader: Use block information to determine the end instead of current PC
* shader/translator: Correct swizzle bits of VMAD2
* shader: Eliminate SA translation if the original bank is FPCONSTANT on secondary program
* shader: Emit dummy end block
* shader/translator: Move ALU op handling to a function
* shader/translator: Add support for testing un-SUB ops
* shader/tests: Link with shader library
* shader/translator: Add selection merge on predicate also in branch
* shader/translator: Emit selection merge on predicate branch
* shader/translator: Implement VMAD2
* shader/recompiler: Correct literal pack type
* shader/analyzer: Add function to extract predicate
* shader/tests: Update with current change
* shader/analyzer: Add USSEBlock's constructor
* shader: Support loading constant and fix some errors
* shader/translator: Support predicators and grouping same predicator to one block
* shader/translator: Implement conditional branch
* shader/analyzer: Always seperate conditional blocks
* shader/translator: Properly handle termination of unconditional branch
* shader/translator: Add equal case for VCOMP
* shader/translator: Correct bit size of VCOMP
* shader/translator: Correct VCOMP bit size
* shader/translator: Implement VTEST sub variant
* shader/translator: Add setting predicate
* shader: Split translator to multiple files
* Merge branch 'perjury' of https://github.com/bentokun/Vita3K into perjury
* shader/translator: Make fetch texture returns a vec4
* shader: Add VTESTS
* shader/translator: Add and implement SMP
* shader: Add function helping decode src0
* shader: Add dependent textures field and creation
* shader/analyzer: Enforce branch check
* shader: Add USSERecompiler
* shader/analyzer: Add include guard and move to namespace shader::usse
* shader/tests: Add analyzer test
* shader/analyzer: Initial work
* shader/translator: Add BR instruction
* shader/translator: Implement VEXP
* shader/translator: Add VLOG
* shader/translator: Add VDP
* shader/translator: Log VCOMP type instruction
* shader/disasm: Disassemble modifiers
* shader/translator: Implement VRSQ
* shader/translator: Add NOP
* shader/translator: Implement base VCOMP and full VRCP
* shader: Add VCOMP decode format
* shader/translator: Returns a pointer on get_reg_bank
* shader: Add support for modifier on VNMAD instructions
* shader: Add constant table
* submodules: Use unicorn as submodule in Unix (#478)

Download: Vita3K Git (2019/05/20)

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