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EmuCR: Vita3KVita3K Git (2019/09/06) is complied. Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

Vita3K Git Changelog:
* gui: add vulkan backend (#568)
* config: revert backend as int
* renderer: add missing default cases
* gui: make get_renderer static and style changes
* gui: revert settings dialog changes
* renderer/vulkan: run clang format
* config: fix missing std::tolower
* config: make backend capital insensitive
* gui: include missing header for imgui state
* gui: fixed vulkan leak in opengl only builds
* renderer/vulkan: move anon gui structs to GuiState
* renderer/vulkan: add proper destruction
* config: move backend checking and add defaults
* app: use proper GetDrawableSize
* renderer/gl: fix opengl render
* renderer/vulkan: cleanup params and fix resizing
* renderer/vulkan: fix rebase issues
* config: add backend selection option
* renderer/vulkan: fix gui draw issues
* renderer/vulkan: add texture support
* renderer/vulkan: fix positioning and blending
* renderer/vulkan: fix flushing and framebuffer
* renderer/vulkan: add draw calls
* renderer/vulkan: create descriptor sets
* renderer/vulkan: add better errors and format
* renderer/vulkan: imgui buffers
* renderer/vulkan: fix wrong queue selection
* renderer/vulkan: fix validation errors
* renderer/vulkan: add allocator and load font
* renderer/vulkan: imgui impl reordering
* renderer/vulkan: fix windows and queue priorities
* renderer/vulkan: create gui pipeline
* renderer/vulkan: reorganize renderers

Download: Vita3K Git (2019/09/06)

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