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EmuCR: Project64Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2019/10/08) is compiled. It is a HLE audio plugin for N64 emulators written by Azimer.

Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git Changelog:
* Backend failover (#7)
* Added a validation method each driver
* Added Resolution Timer (optional - off by default). Not added to configuration yet.
* Updated copyright for 2019
* Minimum buffer/frames for waveOut to prevent stuttering
* Implemented then removed driver failover. I believe the validation will handle 80% of issues.
* Removed DirectSound Legacy "Streaming". It doesn't appear to be working well enough to leave in.
* Found a bug where DirectSound was using the FPS value and not BackendFPS value.

Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2019/10/08) x86
Download: Azimer's HLE Audio Plugin Git (2019/10/08) x64
Source: Here

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