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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-Staging Git (2020/06/21) is released. This repository attempts to modernize the DOSBox project by using current development practices and tools, fixing issues, adding features that better support today's systems, and sending patches upstream.

DOSBox Git Changelog:
* Add PIT timer control when in mode 3 and with a counter of 1
* Merge branch 'svn/trunk' r4354
* Handle carry flag for INT 2F/15xx functions like real MSCDEX. Fixes CDDA in Muzzle Velocity.
* Update allowed warnings limits
* Mark PauseDOSBox function as maybe_unused
* Mark dyn_interrupt as maybe_unused in both dynamic cores
* Implement MAYBE_UNUSED macro

Download: DOSBox-Staging Git (2020/06/21)
Source: Here

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