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EmuCR: Vita3KVita3K Git (2020/08/16) is complied. Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

Vita3K Git Changelog:
* ngs: fix minor index error
* vita3k: fix uninitialized variable crash in debug build
* shader: swizzle cycling in uint8 vpck
* gxm: fix return error
* shader: do not bitcast integer types
* shader: use normalized value as default for unpacked uint8 vector
* shader: update TODO
* shader: consider normalization of uint8 input, output and texture
* shader: cast uint8 bytes in differnet way in vpck
* shader: use uint8 in sop2
* shader: implement pakcing & unpacking uint8
* shader: add unwrap_type utility function
* shader: log scale in vpck
* shader: stub uint8 unpack & pack
* shader: log sop2
* shader: support uchar sampler
* shader: support fmin and fmax in sop2
* shader: correct predicate field of sop2
* gui: fix save dialog substatus
* io/SceAppUtil: fix file open modes and fix saving in truncate mode and fix param->status for mages games
* external: update unicorn
* kernel: fix relocation type 2
* audio: fix regression broken sound.

Download: Vita3K Git (2020/08/16)

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