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Vvctre v36.15.0 is released. Vvctre is a Nintendo 3DS emulator based on Citra.

Vvctre Changelog:
Add function for plugins: vvctre_gui_text_ex
Add function for plugins: vvctre_load_cheats_from_file
Add function for plugins: vvctre_save_cheats_to_file
Add function for plugins: vvctre_gui_set_next_window_content_size
Add a alpha bar and alpha preview to the FPS color setting
Cheats text editor: Add File -> Load Cheats From Text
Initial Settings: Add horizontal scroll bar
Initial Settings: Remove newlines in setting names
Menu: Add Sharper Distant Objects setting
Multiplayer: Add horizontal scrollbars
Multiplayer: Status messages: Add time
Multiplayer: Add context menu to the messages
Multiplayer: Clear blocked nicknames after leaving the room
Multiplayer: Fix messages not cleared after clicking Connect in Connect To Citra Room if vvctre was connected to a room
Multiplayer: Move message input to the right column
Multiplayer: Remove 100 message limit
Multiplayer: Remove word wrapping
Multiplayer tab/menu: Move everything after the room name to a left click popup
Multiplayer tab/menu: Make rooms with password yellow
IPC recorder: Change Filter to Search & Fix it
Plugin request bots: Remove for-{user}- in file names
Validate the movie before playing it if it was changed in Initial Settings
Update externals

Download: Vvctre v36.15.0
Source: Here

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