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EmuCR:x360ce x360ce v4.15.16.0 is released. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (a wrapper library that translates the xinput calls to directinput calls) which allows your controller (GamePad, Joystick, Wheel, ...) to function like an Xbox 360 controller on a Windows PC. For example it allows you to play Grand Theft Auto (GTA) game with Logitech wheel.

x360ce v4.15.16.0 Changelog:
Fix: Map recorded was mapping POV direction to DPad instead of POV.
Fix: Map recorder was mapping half or inverted axis incorrectly.
Updated: PAD status control updated to more modern XAML format.
Updated: Set XInput negative center value (-1) to 0.
Updated: Limit error files to 10 files per 10 seconds for a different error.
New: Feature to record mapping by pressing on button image.
New: Remap All feature, which allows faster remapping.

Download: x360ce v4.15.16.0
Source: Here

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